Meet Some of The HealingOne Team
Based in Birmingham, Alabama, and working throughout the surrounding states with clients and customers, I Am HealingOne, LLC is your trusted partner for moving towards a brighter future. It’s not just about healing, but more about learning to heal yourself. The power is already within you. At this time or offerings are primarily online and you can also shop with us 24/7 in our online store...  Shop With HealingOne

If you are located in Birmingham or close surrounding areas, you can schedule VIP in person sessions. Please let us know if this is your preference and we can work with you to get you booked on Jasmine's schedule based on her availability.  

What started as a nickname for Jasmine, given by clients, eventually became the vision for the business.... Healing self and supporting others in healing

To help you supercharge your life through your relationships, one relationship at a time, starting with self. 

Jasmine B.
Head Coach & Course Facilitator
Welcome to I Am HealingOne, LLC! 

I am the founder and a spiritual healer with a unique combination of knowledge, experience, education, and spiritual gifts. My path as a healer was not a conscious decision, but a divine calling that I have embraced wholeheartedly. My purpose is to spread love, joy, and bliss, and I am grateful that I Am HealingOne allows me to do what I love. With 22 years of experience in catastrophic injuries, mental health coaching, intuitive work, and various modalities such as Hypnotherapy and NLP, I'm confident in my ability to support clients in their healing journey. 
Brooke B. 
Executive Administrative Assistant
Hi Everyone! My name is Brooke and  I am Jasmine's Executive Administrative Assistant. I graduated from  Kent State University in May of 2020 with degrees in Marketing and  Psychology.
When I joined the HealingOne team,  I fell in love immediately. I always knew that I wanted to work for a  company that was making a difference. And I have found that in  HealingOne. It became clear to me, very early on, that I was here for a  reason. I was here to help Jasmine, help others.  I  sincerely enjoy the marketing work that I do. I know how many people out there can benefit from the services we offer. And I have the unique  opportunity to find those people and positively impact their life. It would be my pleasure to answer any questions you have!
Stephanie M. 
Sales Concierge
 Hello,  my name is Stephanie! I am a Salesperson for I Am HealingOne. 
With 10+  years of experience in sales and my passion in the arts and  spirituality, my mission to find balance between my professional  ambitions and creative inner self have become a reality. 

I have learned  that true success, and the motivation needed to get there, is rooted  from peace within.  Working with Jasmine is inspiring and a  reminder that I am also here to help others. By sharing her wisdom and  knowledge, making it attainable to anybody in need, we create a network  of loving support for business owners, entrepreneurs, and even for  individuals that are just seeking guidance.  My goal is to acquaint you  with the variety of services and tools HealingOne offers, creating a  unique experience for YOU. Connection is what our spirit needs  the most, and I am grateful to be part of this journey. So feel free to  connect with me! 
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