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Working With HealingOne

At I Am HealingOne, we are focused on cultivating wellness and spiritual experiences that nurture our clientele into being the most powerful version of themselves. We currently offer Hypnotherapy, Coaching & Strategy Support, Wellness & Spiritually crafted services and products. 

We believe in helping our team members flourish through competitive pay,  commission structures (where applicable), bonuses, and access to many of our trainings and teachings. Our goal is to help you thrive as you assist our clients and customers. Grow with us and help us create an inclusive and diverse team of people, that reflects the audience we serve.

We are looking for badass entrepreneurial personalities who are OK starting kut with a few hours each weel and working with us as we build your caseload over a few months with insurance paying clientele. Our goal is to b uild you up and give you the option to stay with part-time hours or continue building up to full-time hours. We are committed to building a team where each person thrives and embodies the mission and values we believe in as a brand and company. 

Wellness-Centered Mental Health Position

At I Am HealingOne, LLC, we are looking for Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) and other licensed Mental Health Professionals who are not just average, but someone truly extraordinary. Our mission is to find a unicorn who is committed to changing the narrative on mindset, wellness, well-being, and healing. We provide holistic wellness services to support business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals who need a safe space to process and manage life. Our goal is to make a real difference in the lives of our clients, and we are ready to grow and offer even greater capacity to support them by adding more mental health support to the menu.

We are seeking an exceptional candidate(s) who loves the freedom of entrepreneurship and making a positive impact but prefers not to bear all the responsibilities alone. Joining our practice can help you have the best of b both worlds. As our unicorn, you will work independently and collaboratively with our team, embracing flexibility in scheduling while contributing to the growth of our business and the well-being and service of our clients.

  1. Individualized Holistic Support: Provide tailored counseling services that encompass physical, mental, and emotional well-being, helping our clients find their unique balance.
  2. Entrepreneurial Passion: Bring your love for entrepreneurship to the table, contributing to our mission without shouldering the entire responsibility.
  3. Team Player: Collaborate effectively with our team of wellness professionals, combining your unique strengths with theirs to deliver exceptional client support.
  4. Flexible Scheduling: Enjoy the flexibility you desire in your work schedule, allowing you to create a harmonious work-life balance.
  5. Business Growth: Contribute to the growth of our business by nurturing client relationships and supporting our mission.
  6. Credentialing Assistance: For the right candidate, we're willing to help complete the credentialing process with insurance panels if not already credentialed.
  7. Ethical and Legal Compliance: Maintain good standing with the State Board and be able to satisfy background checks to ensure the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

  1. Exceptional & Renegade: You're not just a mental health professional; you're a unicorn committed to making a difference in the world of wellness, mindset, and wellbeing. Must be currently licensed or in Alabama. We are looking for an LPC and for the right candidates, we are willing to consider an ALC. Other designations/licenses may be considered upon checking with the Board to confirm if they are acceptable.
  2. Entrepreneurial Spirit: You have a passion for entrepreneurship and understand the unique needs of business owners and entrepreneurs. You want the best of both worlds... being able to set your own schedule and only work with those you feel are the best fit, while also having the support and strength of a team.
  3. Independence and Collaboration: You excel both as an independent worker and as a valuable team member, adapting to different scenarios effortlessly.
  4. Flexibility: You appreciate flexible scheduling and are ready to embrace it.
  5. Holistic Wellness Expertise: You're experienced in providing counseling services that encompass physical, mental, and emotional wellness.
  6. Insurance Panel Credentialing: Ideally, you're already credentialed with insurance panels, but we're open to assisting the right candidate with the process.
  7. Ethical and Legal Compliance: You maintain good standing with the State Board and can pass background checks with flying colors.

  1. Expense Reimbursement may be available based on experience and qualifications
  2. 401k with matching contribution (being added to available benefits)
  3. PTO available
  4. As you grow with our team and if you choose to enter full-time status, once offered, you will be eligible for other employee benefits
  5. Work fully remotely from your own home office

PLEASE NOTE... To consider if you are the right candidate:
  1. Are you licensed OR License eligible to practice as a Therapist, Social Worker or other Mental Health provider credentials?
  2. Are you able to start with a flexible schedule and build up to part-time hours and eventually full-time (we will be looking to fill your caseload with insurance-paying clients)?
  3. Are you comefortable networking and marketing yourself and helping the company market?
  4. Are you interested in, comfortable with, and knowledgeable in talking about wellness and mindset?
  5. Are you comfortable with social media?

We'd love to have you apply if...
If you're a Holistic Wellness Unicorn and resonate with our mission to change the narrative on wellness and support entrepreneurs in thriving, we want to hear from you. To apply, please submit your resume and a cover letter that showcases your exceptional qualities and how they align with our unique vision at I Am HealingOne, LLC.

At I Am HealingOne, LLC we embrace diversity and encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply. Join us on our journey to redefine wellness and help our clients find their balance while contributing to the overall well-being of society and community.
Some Of The Other Perks


Work From Home

You get to work from home with flexible scheduling. Cultivate a work environment where you can thrive and prioritize your own selfcare and wellbeing. 

Quarterly bonuses and incentives

We love rewarding our team members for great support of our clientele and superior salesmanship that supports the growth of our brand and company. (You will be notified if you are eligible for bonuses and or commissions)

We're looking for YOU...

If you are a licensed or licensed eligible mental health practitioner and have expertise and experience working with any of the below...
  • Clients who need help managing anxiety, stress relief, and wellbeing,
  • Group therapy, family therapy, and mental health workshops,
  • Are comfortable engaging online/social media and helping us to change the narrative around mental health and healing,
  • Relationships, couples therapy, life after divorce, navigating dating and more,
  • Sexual health, fertility, parenting, 
  • Do you have a specific specialization you're passionate about? TELL US! You might be the unicorn we're looking for!
I Am HealingOne, is focused on creating an inclusive and diverse team of people, that reflects the audience we serve, and the safe space we also want to create for team members.  

We are committed to celebrating the individual greatness of our team members, and using that as part of the foundation of how we grow and how we engage with clients and customers.
Wanna Join Our Team? Apply Now!
Start the first step here... Complete the basic application and we'll reach out to schedule an interview if your resume shows us YOU are what we're looking for. 
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