What is our Soul Nourishing Sacred Intensive?

 You are highly motivated and ready to invest your energy, time and yes of course money. You have an idea of who you are here to be/ what you want to be doing or you may have seen glimpses of your highest self and you’re ready to kick ass and become him, her or them. You already know that you either, probably wont stay committed to the process if you’re doing it by yourself, or have so many other commitments and things on your plate, you are just ready to get some results. You want someone to help you quantum leap, do the Energy Healing, Akashic Work, Hypnosis and NLP work to help you bypass your conscious mind and prep your unconscious mind to catapult you into momentum. 

Now, let’s be clear, this doesn’t mean you’ll never have to work in your healing journey ever again. However, we are taking 3-6 months worth of work and pouring it into 1-2 days. YOU must show up for yourself. YOU must be invested in the process. YOU must believe in you. And Jasmine will partner with you, to help supercharge your energy and your work to help you get results faster. 

What is does mean, is that we will help you to supercharge your energy and catapult you more firmly and fully into what you are ready to receive and create. Sounds vague, yeah, however, that literally is what this work can do. One of the main reasons we as humans struggle to get the things we desire, to actualize the healing of childhood traumas, wounds, life’s struggles, heartbreak from relationships, financial challenges, etc is that we are stuck in an endless loop of attachment to the emotions. 

The memories don't hurt, it is the attachment of the emotions, the what ifs, should/could/woulds we wished we had done. The constant clinging to hope that the person who harmed us will do right by us. The stories we tell ourselves about money, that we have to struggle, it’s hard, or feeling like we are honoring those we love because they struggled, so we should struggle too. Scared to leave those we love, behind, so we sabotage ourselves and stay where we are. 

So even though it sounded vague above, this is what we do. We help you to heal the karmic ties, soul connections, soul vows, agreements, contracts, and all of the emotional gunk stuffed down into your cellular memory. Now, "your whole life will be healed and you’ll never have to do any work again", can’t promise that. However, what we at HealingOne and Jasmine do stand on is that if you are ready, and you can show up open to the possibilities, you can get out of this everything you are ready to receive in your life. Because the most powerful changes and healing, happens in your mind, psyche, soul/spirit and when that manifests within, you are able to collapse timelines and create much quicker, outwardly around you. 

Clients who have used this intensive have had huge and monumental shifts including increasing their income by $100,000 in less than 5 months. Conceived after dealing with infertility for years. Reduced or eliminated chronic pain. Saved their marriage from the brink of divorce and more. The possibilities are infinite, it is up to you, to show up and we will make some magick happen together.

What Are Customers Saying?
 I cried some real tears but every single one was worth it...
“I was there in the session, but it was like my spirit took over and worked with Jasmine and I just watched. She accessed my energy and I could literally feel things shifting in my body, in my heart. I cried some real tears but every single one was worth it. I honestly stretched myself to pay for her services but I would do it again in a heartbeat and am already planning for an intensive for my husband and I to attend together with Jasmine. He sees me differently, I see myself differently when I look in the mirror. I can’t even put it all into words but I feel like I literally made up for years of holding myself back and have caught up with my dreams.” 
What is the investment for our Sacred Intensive?

Offered in one 6-8 hour day/session ($5,000) OR two 6-8 hour days/sessions ($10,000) investment.

If this resonates with your soul, then the first thing to do if you haven't already engaged or worked with us is to schedule a consultation. We'll meet via video conference to talk a bit more in depth with you and make sure its the right and aligned fit for both you and Jasmine. You'll share what your specific needs and intentions are, as well as ask any questions about the service and how to prepare if ready to move forward. You can also ask more about Jasmine's specific background and what the session will be like. We look forward to connecting you and supporting you if it's the right fit. We understand this is not a small investment in money or time and we want to make sure that if we move forward you will get as much transformation and expansion from this work as possible.
What To Expect...

 1. Determine whether you prefer the 1 or 2 day option, based on your needs.
Offered in...
  • One (6 hour) day/session ($5,000) OR 
  • Two (6 hour) day/sessions ($10,000) investment
2. Your next step will be to complete our registration process including payment (paying in full or starting payment plan) and selecting the day(s) and time for your intensive. 
3. Next, you will receive an email with our client contract to e-sign. 
3. You’ll then read through the workbook and get started with our prep work so that you are ready to receive as much benefit as you can from our work together

4. All sessions are held via Zoom or Doxy. They are not recorded. You may upgrade your intensive to include in person (within 2 hour driving distance of Birmingham, AL). You may also upgrade if you are outside of this driving distance, to include Jasmine coming to your location. Please let us know and we will invoice you accordingly after your registration is complete (invoice to be paid immediately). 
Preparing For Your Intensive

 **You will complete a questionnaire well send to you in your welcome email. It will also contain your workbook to use during our time together. There are pages marked PRE-WORK and this is what you will start with. 
**You’ll receive some crystals to help support the energy we cultivate during our time together. 
**You’ll receive a journal to use to deepen your self love and strengthen the work we do together. 
**You’ll receive access to Jasmine via the Voxer app for 30 days after your session (if you purchase the 2 day option, you will receive 60 days access). 
On The Day Of Your Session

On the day of your intensive, you will join Jasmine in the video chat meeting. Please be prepared, based on the suggestions listed in your welcome email.  We will start with a quick check-in, how you are feeling, what’s coming up. We’ll go over your questionnaire you completed and your pre-work from the workbook. 

Our time together will be broken down into increments of layering in the energy healing, hypnosis, NLP, and more tools, based on your learning style and the most important issues, concerns or intended outcomes that you/we have identified. By the end you will have a planned out strategy of your best steps to stay grounded in the changes and healing we have created together and continue your forward growth and momentum. 

**You may also upgrade your intensive to be in person.** You will be invoiced directly to pay for the upgraded in person option for the registration

Please Note...

 You may select the option to pay in full for your intensive or you may pay half the balance and then make 2 payments on the remaining balance, for both the 1 and 2 day options. If you need a different payment option, please speak with us directly by emailing us at support@iamhealingone.org

If you still have questions on whether this is what you are looking for and will best support you in your intentions, book a consultation with one of our sales & customer concierge support team. 

No refunds are available once registration and purchase are completed. We immediately begin preparation for your intensive, from getting your welcome package together and mailed to you, to going through your registration questionnaire to make sure we structure your Soul Nourishing Sacred Intensive, specifically and uniquely for you. And once you block it off that time is removed from our capacity to help serve and support someone else. So we truly thank you and appreciating you for honoring our time and energy, just as we honor and appreciate you for trusting us to be in this part of your journey with you. We know this is an amazing experience for us to get to participate in with you and we are extremely excited! So buckle up lovebug, you are in for a powerful and life changing ride!

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