Different Modalities To Best Support You

We offer multiple modalities that allow us to create fully customizable packages to best support you. The reason we do this is that we understand there is no one size fits all. 

I like to explain it as, they all help to create the same outcome... you thriving and enjoying the absolute heck out of your life. It's a matter of deciding whether you want to wear red socks, brown socks or yellow socks. They are all socks, but the color affects you differently and can help to create a totally different experience while wearing them. But they are all socks. There is no wrong choice per se, it's about determining what feels best and resonates most for you. As an example, Hypnotherapy may feel great for you and work well, while for someone else, Womb Healing may be a better fit emotionally and energetically. 

A Soul Buffet, Just For YOU!
Here are the current modalities we offer...
▪︎NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
▪︎Life Coaching
▪︎EFT (Tapping/ Emotional Freedom Technique)
▪︎Akashic Records Readings
▪︎Intuitive, Angel, Tarot, Oracle Card Readings
▪︎Hotline with other Healers & Coaches available
▪︎Soul Nourishing Sacred Intensive (VIP 1 & 2 Days)
▪Soul Nourishing Course & Mentorship (including personal & professional tracks)
▪︎Doula support (preconception to postpartum)
▪︎Life Coaching
▪︎Spiritual Counseling
▪︎Strategy Masterminds 
Products For Your Healing Journey
Metaphysical Products 

Here are just a few things Crystals can help you to create and experience... 
More Wealth, 
Better Sleep, 
Better Communication, 
Weight Loss, 
Attracting in your Soul Mate, 
Creating more Romance,
Making a Career change,
Stress Relief
Pain Relief
Better Concentration,
and MORE!
THE HEALINGONE SHOP carries a large inventory of Crystals & Stones, Journals and other Metaphysical Products. We love to help our clients create orders as gifts for themselves, family, friends, loved ones, co-workers and employees. or students. Crystals can be an easy and fun way to help supercharge your personal healing journey and support you in thriving. If you aren't sure what to grab, give us a call and we'll help you create an order. We can hep you choose crystals for the different needs you may have. Our Self-Love, Money Mindset & Forgiveness Journals can help support you has you navigate the different stages and experiences in your own personal healing journey. 
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