YES… You CAN make easy, simple changes to have your wife remembering the amazing man she fell in love with.

3 things you can experience during this challenge

  • Better and more frequent SEX…due to increased emotional intimacy
  • LESS fighting
  • Find that woman you fell in love with in the beginning.


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Client Testimonials…

“I worked with Jasmine after having met her through a friend of ours. I was skeptical because my wife and I’d been in rough patch for a while. I took the practical tips and shifts Jasmine suggested and learned how to incorporate them into daily interaction with my wife. It didn’t cost me any more time and my wife noticed almost immediately. Arguing decreased, SEX increased and in general I enjoy being with my wife and spending time together again!”

“I’ll be honest, I’m probably the typical dude that doesn’t want to sit and gab with my wife, but working with Jasmine I now better understand WHY it’s important to my wife to communicate and that makes it important to me. I can effectively let my wife know when it’s not a good time to go into long conversation but still make her feel supported. Trust me, makes all the difference in the world and my wife spends less time arguing at me now. Now I get to enjoy my man cave and still make my wife feel important. “

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