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Life Coaching, Mentoring, Retreats, Seminars and Workshops in Birmingham, AL and surrounding states.

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Compassionate coaching, mentoring and connection, where you’ll find the accountability and strategy you need to thrive.

Are you feeling a bit stagnant, maybe transitioning out of or into a new relationship or ready to make some changes in your professional endeavors or as an entrepreneur?

You may even be feeling pretty good about the space you’re in and you just want support in continuing to level up in your life.

HealingOne is here to help you strategize and accomplish your next steps to creating and living a life that feels good and creates the moments and joys you want to experience.

Turn to HealingOne, LLC for:

  • Retreats
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Boutique spa
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Health and wellness training
  • Individual and group life coaching
  • Other community outreach and programs


Are You Ready?

Hi there… I’m Jasmine, speaker, strategist, and founder of HealingOne.

None one ever said that life was easy. Many of us are reminded of this daily as we face constant challenges and attempt to move beyond our pasts. But sometimes some of us need a little extra help healing to develop better habits along the way. That’s where HealingOne steps in.

Based in Atlanta, GA & Birmingham, Alabama, HealingOne, LLC is your trusted partner for moving towards a brighter future. As the founder, I understand how paralyzing it can be when you feel like you can’t move forward with a happy life.

That’s why I’ve committed my whole life to helping inspire others to heal through individual life coaching, group coaching & mentoring and emotional support groups.

With HealingOne I can more brightly and boldly extend that message. Thank you for being here and for being a part of this HealingOne journey. I look forward to connecting and collaborating with you.

Our Services

Haley Snyder

“Jasmine and I met in a professional networking Facebook group and since then I have had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with her on multiple projects. Her passion for spreading the message that EVERYONE is worthy is the foundation for all that she does personally and professionally.  Every interaction with Jasmine, whether personal or professional, leaves you with greater insight and clarity, and the strong sense that you matter. Her ‘I Am Worthy’ events are nothing short of awe-inspiring. With up to 9 incredible speakers during each event, Jasmine brings massive value and the the ever-needed message that you are indeed worthy of all that you dream of, work for, and receive in this life. I would highly recommend Jasmine to anyone looking for a speaker, a mentor, a writer, and/or a friend”.

– H. Snyder

“I love these I am worthy events. I learn something new every month. I also love Jasmine’s posts, they are very thought provoking and powerful. The live broadcasts are like having a good piece of sea salt melt in your mouth chocolate caramel. Hard chocolate that melts in your mouth with the wonderful soft caramel and the sea salt to make the flavor last. Always timely topics that help me clarify my thoughts and help me to take action”.

– J. Elliot

Judy Elliot
Haley Snyder

“I’ve known Jasmine for over 4 years and she never ceases to always amaze me. I thoroughly enjoy her newsletter/audio each week. As a financial professional I understand the importance of setting and implementing goals, yet even I sometimes forget that I have to set goals hold myself to the fire of keeping them. Having an encouraging voice reinforce their importance is priceless. That is just some of what Jasmine brings to the table.”

– R. DonAlexis

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