Crystal/ Yoni Eggs

Spiritual Healing On Every Level

Using Yoni Eggs Can Deepen Your Healing!

Thank you for coming to check out our healing energy crystal eggs, also called yoni eggs. If you are already a client/customer and want to add to your collection go ahead andΒ EMAIL USΒ to place your order. Just let us know the crystals, sizes, and quantities you want and we’ll email you your invoice.

To get started using crystal/ yoni eggs…

For our new incoming clients and customers who are interested in working with crystal eggs to support your healing journey, let’s dive into the some of the ways and reasons women use crystal/ yoni eggs their individual healing journey.

We have worked with our clients and helped them choose the right crystal eggs to support them in healing from and through…

  • Physical and or emotional trauma,
  • Vaginal dryness,
  • Hormonal balance,
  • Forgiveness work,
  • Supporting navigating PTSD,
  • More deeply connect with your divine feminine,
  • Embrace and more personally enjoy your sexuality & sensuality,
  • Supporting depression and or anxiety,
  • Healing relationship wounds,
  • Releasing baggage and navigating divorce,
  • Increasing sensitivity and sexual drive,Reclaiming and honoring the physical body,
  • Traumatic childbirth,
  • Heal and release childhood pain,
  • Fertility journey,
  • Decreasing or preventing incontinence,
  • Strengthening muscles after childbirth,
  • Physical therapy for the vaginal walls,
  • And so much more!!

How to choose the right yoni egg for yourself…

One of the reasons that as of now we do not list them on our online store is that so many of our customers are new to the healing journey and we want to make sure you are educated before making such an intimate and personal purchase. Because it can not be returned. We want to make sure you are purchasing the right one to fit your needs and that you can ask any questions you have, so that you are making an informed decision.

Most of our clients who purchase the yoni eggs have already had sessions with us for life coaching and or spiritual counseling. However since that is not always the case, we do it this way to make sure we can provide the best customer service experience for you when you purchase your eggs.


Typically the eggs come in a Small, Medium & Large size designation, but the measurements vary depending on the manufacturer.
Our sizes are… Small: 2.5cm x 3.5cm, Medium: 3cm X 4cm, Large: 3.8cm X 5cm.
Price various based on the crystal or stone and size.

Size Matters! πŸ™‚

It is generally recommended to start with a size large and work down into a size small. I know it sounds counterintuitive. However think of it in this manner, you are training and strengthening the muscles, because they are working to hold onto the egg. As you strengthen, downsizing then makes them work harder again to hold and grip the smaller crystal. Sort of how you go up in weight size when you workout your body, like arms or legs, just in reverse.

Many women have by now heard of Kegel Exercises. You may have also heard of, seen or used a weighted kegel ball. Think of a crystal egg in a similar manner. It not only provides the spiritual, mental and emotional healing a woman may be in need of. However it can also aid in the physical healing needs a woman may have.

It can support you in physically addressing the need that we all have, to keep the vaginal and pelvic muscles stronger and healthy. As a result of this, yoni eggs are especially beneficial for moms who have birthed children, or a woman who may have experienced some type of trauma and have weakened muscles. The crystal egg can be supportive in working to relieve or even prevent incontinence while also aiding in the spiritual healing desired at the same time.

Our Ordering Process…

  • To purchase your crystal/ yoni egg(s) from us, please make a list of the specific thing(s) you want to focus on in your healing journey at this time.
  • Email us and we’ll let you know the specific crystals that can help address those issues and or concerns.
  • We will let you know what we have in available inventory to immediately purchase & ship or if we are out and you can pre-order for our next incoming shipment and then your invoice will be emailed.
  • You can order 1 egg or multiple eggs. Some women like to start with a set of 3, so that you can get each size.
  • You may order the same crystals in the different sizes, or different stones in different sizes. We will work with you to, to help you create the best healing experience for yourself.
  • Once your invoice is paid, all available inventory will be shipped, and pre-orders will be shipped as soon as we receive the incoming inventory.
  • You will not be thrown to the wolves. You can email us if you have questions on best practices, etc to use your crystal egg and we also have several youtube videos including… Yoni Egg FAQ’s and Jasmine’s Personal Journey available to help you.

Why our process is different…

While everybody else continues to shout from the mountaintop how the eggs will hijack your sex life and have your man drooling…We’re gonna stay in our lane and keep educating on the deeper healing journey that comes with using the egg. There is so much more benefit. And deeper exploration of self, when you discover that the eggs are for more than just getting your groove on. And while it might be a great selling tactic, our mission and purpose remains focused on healing. So though our process is tedius, for now it works for us. In the future we may add them to our online store, but for now… πŸ™‚


Our available inventory…

Typically we keep these particular crystal eggs in stock for immediate order… And please let us know if you are looking for something specific, we can probably order it. πŸ™‚

  • Fancy Jasper
  • Carnelian
  • Amethyst
  • Rose Quartz
  • Green Aventurine
  • Clear Quartz
  • Obsidian
  • Nephrite Jade
  • Rhodonite
  • Red Jasper
  • Bloodstone

Using a crystal egg is definitely not for everyone. But for those who use it and commit to the process of healing, it can be a life changing journey.

Some women notice benefits immediately within hours or days. Some women, it takes a few weeks of use to tap into and feel the healing energy and notice changes because there may be a disconnect between you and you body. Whatever your journey is, it happens in perfect timing for you and there is no rush or “only right way” to use your yoni egg. It is a personal journey dictated by you and your body.

If you are ready to add to your collection or to start your journey with Crystal/ Yoni Eggs, Email us and let’s get you healing!
Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. πŸ™‚