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As part of our evolution as a company and brand, HealingOne now carries an ongoing inventory of various healing crystals and stones. We also branched into carrying the raw and tumbled stones from our work creating Energy Healing Jewelry Pieces. We are working diligently to capture good pictures and get everything organized to share our available inventory with you. Previously we only offered it to our private coaching and healing clients. But we knew we needed to go bigger in 2019. So, here we go!  

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About HealingOne Healing Crystals and Stones

Initially, we only made our healing crystals and stones available for private coaching and healing clients. But at the end of 2017, we made them available to the public. We typically work by custom orders. But we are working to start creating more signature pieces to keep available consistently. Here are a few pictures and videos and we’ll get more added as we can.

How to Choose the Right Stones and Crystals for Your Self-Healing

In 2019, more and more people will turn away from Western medicine and rediscover the powers of ancient healing tactics. The history of crystals and healing dates back to the beginning of humankind. Historians found mammoth ivory beads in graves excavated in Sungir, Russia more than 60,000 years ago. There have also been reports of contemporary healing beads made out of sharks teeth found from this same Upper Palaeolithic era.

What Do These 5 Healing Crystal Colors Mean?

Today, thousands of stones and crystals exist on the earth. But very few of them are used by healers and self-healers to promote healing. Here are some of the powers of these five healing crystals based on their colors:

1. Red Healing Crystals

Red crystals activate, stimulate and energize the soul. The Ruby, for example, helps heal the energies of the heart’s core, making you feel energized and rejuvenated.

2. Pink Healing Crystals

Pink crystals are all about resolutions. They subtle push you in that direction, while bringing sensitivity into the tasks you perform each day. Rose Quart is known to cause a reassuring, calming effect.

3. Yellow Healing Crystals

Yellow crystals deal with digestive, nervous and immune system functions, linking to feelings like contentment, fear, stress and happiness. A clear yellow Citrine Quartz Crystal helps by keeping your mind focused.

4. Violet Healing Crystals

Purple and violet crystals reach inside you to find the empathy for others that exists, while tapping into your imagination and inspiration. When you’re not sure exactly what they power is, Amethyst helps bring balance.

5. Green Healing Crystals

Green crystals are particularly beneficial for Women of Color in 2019. They are associated with matters of the heart, helping you balance personal space, relationships, emotions and growth while bringing calmness. Green Aventurine is known to promote good cheer and relieve anxiety.
HealingOne: The Healing Power of Crystals

HealingOne: The Healing Power of Crystals. Image Source: Pinterest

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There are numerous other crystal colors with spiritual healing powers. These are just five of the most common healing crystals used by HealingOne to help clients become self-enlightened. While we work to get more added here for you to see, please feel free to CONTACT US with any questions or requests for spiritual healing jewelry pieces and available inventory. You can also visit us at our HealingOne Shopify Store. We are also working to get more products added there as well.

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