2nd Annual Womb Healing Retreat

Spiritual Healing On Every Level

2nd Annual Womb Healing Retreat

2nd Annual Womb Healing Retreat 

Are you ready for a whole week of healing? We sure are! We have assembled an amazing group of healers and coaches to participate in this event. The Womb Healing Retreat is for Men & Women looking to better their lives and relationships. 

While the event is free to join, you MUST register to be involved! At the end of the registration, it will take you to our Private Facebook group. You will need to request to join this group as this is where the event will take place. Don’t miss out because you forgot to join! Click HERE to register for the event today!

Date: July 18th – 24th, 2021 

Time: Daily at 3pm CST

Location: Live on the Facebook Page 

Want to learn more about the healer/coaches? Check out our Meet the Panel blog for more information!


Sunday, July 18th 

1st Speaker: Jasmine Balom @ 3pm CST

Topic: Womb Healing with HealingOne


2nd Speaker: Josh Muhammad @ 5pm CST




Monday, July 19th 

1st Speaker: De’Nicea Hilton Harper @ 3pm CST

Topic: Unleash Your Power By Claiming Your Perfect(ion)! 


2nd Speaker: Bennie Mac @ 5pm CST




Tuesday, July 20th 

1st Speaker: Rev Maritday Rodriguez @ 3pm CST

Topic: Sacred Cycle Nourishment 


2nd Speaker: Aditi Ramchandani @ 5pm CST

Topic: How To Free Yourself From Emotional Wounds That Are Keeping You Stuck


Wednesday, July 21st 

Speaker: Tamarisk M Locke @ 3pm CST

Topic: Boundaries Within CoParenting 


Thursday, July 22nd 

Speaker: Osuntola Ayoka @ 3pm CST

Topic: The Etheric Touch Healing System which use indigenous techniques to develop your spirit.


Friday, July 23rd 

1st Speaker: Kai and Dell Henderson @ 3pm CST

Topic: Healing Unleashed 


2nd Speaker: Dr. TA Louis @ 5pm CST

Topic: You Are the Nurtured and the Nurturer: The Importance of Self Love and Harnessing the Power of Masculine & Feminine Energy for Powerful Personal Growth



Saturday, July 24th 

Speaker: Sweta Iyer @ 3pm CST

Topic: Energy healing to clear womb trauma from birth and to help with conceiving. Trauma from being in the womb, from birth and delivery, and conceiving/fertility concerns.

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