Jasmine, you talk about sex more now, WHY?

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Jasmine, you talk about sex more now, WHY?

A frequent question I get is…
Jasmine, you talk about sex more now, WHY? And how do you know anything about to be able to teach me?
Whelp, first and foremost I have used sex, intimacy and orgasm, to help my own healing of emotional wounds from past relationships, to help infuse and increase my own self love, to help heal the intense trauma from multiple miscarriages and losses, and to tap deeper into myself as a woman, being, healer and spirit.
AND, I’ve literally been talking about sex since I first thought I broke a man’s penis giving him a bed bath (story for another day😂) when I worked in a nursing home/rehab facility when I was 18/19, and started working with quadriplegics & paraplegics doing in home help & rehab at 19/20 years old as a CNA.
▪︎lack of sex or physical sensations,
▪︎orgasms or lack of,
▪︎positions that are comfortable and work for someone with limited range of motion and or feeling/sensations,
▪︎the first erection after breaking your neck,
▪︎the first orgasm after irreparable spinal damage,
▪︎feeling stigmatized and self conscious abt having sex in a wheelchair,
▪︎having sex at a young age,
▪︎having sex for the first time as an older adult,
▪︎break downs in communication & marital problems from lack of sex,
▪︎intimacy & physical touch,
▪︎restoring sex, intimacy and trust after affairs,
▪︎feeling disconnected from the body after assault & trauma,
▪︎discovering or rediscovering ones personal erogenous zones,
▪︎decreased libido and lack of sexual desire,
▪︎sex after birthing a child,
▪︎sex after diagnosis of MS, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Gulf War Syndrome, PTSD, etc…
▪︎sex with multiple partners
▪︎sex with a same sex partner for the first time,
▪︎healing serial shame stemming from cultural and or religious stigmas & expectations
▪︎dating after divorce
▪︎deciding whether to date monogamously or not
▪︎sex after traumatic birth experience
▪︎researching orgies, monogamy & open relationships, orgasmic manifesting, and more when i considered pursuing sexology as a specialty while getting my degrees.
▪︎conversations & experiences of being sexually repressed, judged & controlled in ministry
▪︎sex as an emotional weapon
▪︎sexual shame
▪︎sex after a brain injury or back injury
▪︎finding the balance of a healthy sex life, and ministry
▪︎and so many other questions, conversations & aha moments I can’t even remember them all.
I’ve been talking about sex with clients for literally over 20 years now. Many uncomfortable moments because I didn’t expect nor want to be invited into those intimate places in their minds, spirits, relationships, marriages and healing work.
But I was. Over. And over. And over. And so I listened, asked questions, shared my thoughts and insights as I gained them.
And though it took me years to be more visibly vocal and make the conversations more public, sex, intimacy and relationships have been a large part of the foundation of my healing work with clients, both male and female.
I am not a sexologist or particular specialist of any kind concerning sex or sexual intimacy. I simply have amassed decades of information, insight and work with people who have trusted me immensely both in their homes and lives.
As a former CNA, Fitness Trainer, Holistic Life Coach, Massage Therapist, Minister & having completed multiple degrees in counseling & psychology, I have had more conversations with clients about sex than anything else.
I have come to see sex as a beautiful, firey, purposeful, necessary and amazing part of having a healthy life and healing experience. Whether you’re enjoying it solo or with partner(s).
I worked to overcome my own sexual shame & trauma and have helped many others do the same. 😎🥳🤩😁
So I can talk about it, because I’ve been talking about it. I chose not to pursue it as a specialty because I didn’t feel I was ready for that at the time I considered it 15 years ago.
However, when spirit nudges I do my best to listen. So 4 years ago I finally started bringing more of the conversations to my social media and last year we went live with the Sex. Intimacy. Power. group and project.
Its been an interesting ride, lots of laughter and crazy moments and I’m sure its much more to come. So buckle up and let’s keep learning together. 😎😎😎😎😎

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