Wanna know, what I’ve been working on..? DOULA TRAINING!!!

Spiritual Healing On Every Level

Wanna know, what I’ve been working on..? DOULA TRAINING!!!

Divine Love Is Enough


This has been a full circle, divinely timed and soul confirmation experience!

So many tears, so much affirmation, so much sisterhood!!😭😭

This has literally been 8 years in the making… I had just lost my first set of twins and I saw a vision of myself working with women struggling with infertility & struggling with fears during pregnancy. And then someone else spoke it to me.πŸ˜³πŸ™„

I said, NOPE!
I’m not doing it!

Not because I didnt care or didnt want to help. I just knew this was a time wound and experience where I had to take care of me first. Heal me first, love on me first. Before I had anything else to give to someone else.

And over the years that vision has come back many times. And I said no. I’m not ready. When I’m ready, all the things will come together. And I’ll have peace in my heart to be able to do it without causing myself more pain.

Last year, I began working on my Momma Membership program. Designed to support women struggling with infertility, fears during pregnancy (after having losses), and dealing with generations of baggage and bondage that has hindered their WOMB. And I knew my soul was saying there was something else I was going to add to it…

When I tell you I CRIED!!! EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

of this training, some with the other ladies and some in private… because EVERY conversation was a confirmation. EVERY documentary we watched or discussed confirmed through statistics and studies, what God had been speaking to me on why what I was creating with my membership was so necessary!

I had DEJA VU several times, and nope I’ve never met any of them or seen the documentaries before this training. But I had literal moments where my soul caught up to itself and remembered the information being discussed, WORD FOR WORD!😳😭🀯

We as black women experience the trauma of racism and prejudice in our bodies and it literally affects our womb and children before they are even conceived and born!! And I believe we hold the trauma of our ancestors in our womb space and it causes infertility among all the other issues we all talk about. This is where my focus will be with my Momma Membership, helping to support us in healing that trauma and realizing our own magic and power to create LIFE!!

Divine Love Is Enough

Divine Love Is Enough

My soul’s divine timing with this part of my business and journey has come

and I’m walking into it full force and ready to help more women heal their wombs and lives. And you know honestly, I’ve already been doing that. I’ve spoken a word over a womans womb many times and she conceived. I’ve laid my hands on wombs and they conceived. I’ve worked with clients and coached and counseled and helped them release the pain of loss. So I’ve already been doula-ing…

It just got deeper!! Something in my soul activated to a new level with this new training!😭😭

And I’m ever grateful to NICOLE DEGGINS of SISTA MIDWIFE PRODUCTIONS, LLC for sharing her passion, black girl magic and her time, love and energy to create these trainings. I have had some amazing and life changing trainings. But this was on a level I cant even put in words!

So if you’re looking for a BLACK WOMAN/WOMAN OF COLOR to train under, please check her out and get it going! She is everything!! And I’ve already told Nicole my goal I’d to bring her to BIRMINGHAM so please if you’re interested let me know!!


Yes, I’ll still be offering my other services and goodies, this is just part of the overall foundation of healing for my female clients and their partners. As it already is, 90% of my clients are online so I can work with you anywhere.

However to complete the certification requirements I will work with a few local women within a specific driving distance, to do in-home pre/postpartum visits and hands on birth support.

Once that is complete, I’ll stay focused on online support for those that need it, and work with an in person client for birth support periodically. I’ll also be doing my best for my online clients to find local doulas and birth sisters to collaborate with so that you can have the in person support when you want/need it because I believe it’s just as important.

Now WHY did I decide that adding DOULA to my services is the right direction..?

I truly have come to believe DIVINE LOVE is enough, at least for most of what we deal with. And please understand I am not saying that love is all we need and we should ignore medical advice or outside help. I believe in both! However, when it comes to us as human beings, i think one of the most powerful things that we lose sight ofΒ  or downplay, is just how powerful LOVE really can be. And not that conditional love we tend to throw around like right hooks… I’m talking about that love that says, I love you even when you’re messy and crazy…

Love that says, I trust my body, I trust myself. I trust my partner, I trust our ability to create life, consciously creating in love. I trust my connection with God/Spirit. This love is so deep, so touching, so EVERYTHING…

Yup, I’m sappy, lol! LOVE is powerful to me…

And it is this love that I desire to help cultivate with my Mommas. To remind them of, to pour into them and to help them deepen with their partner and baby. And especially for my single Mommas, if they don’t have the support, to be that sister-friend that will help them remember their own divine amazingness. We are born capable and ready for birth. Pregnancy if that’s what a woman wants, is in our makeup and we are fully supported by the divine in this journey. When a woman conceives, so many fears can pop up, especially if she has has a previous loss of family fertility issues. If she’s a black woman, she even has to worry about her own care even more during the process of pregnancy and labor and delivery.

Because as black women our own mortality rates are higher as well as that of our babies. And that is scary shit! So, no it’s not about being weak, or not owning our power. In this case, I believe we need the extra love and attention poured into us, to edify and lift us up. To know we are capable and prepared. Our bodies are capable and prepared.

Now, please also understand that I’m not negating the medical issues that can plague us and cause trouble with conceiving and successfully carrying a pregnancy… fibroids, cysts, hormonal issues, etc… They are all real and I have no problem using medical intervention. However, sometimes, if sometimes spiritual healing can be even just a little bit more help and less traumatic and overwhelming… Then I am all for it! And I am here for the Mommas that want to try it that way.


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