It’s the end of the year, are you facing the overwhelm?

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It’s the end of the year, are you facing the overwhelm?

I feel so freaking overwhelmed, it’s the end of the year and I haven’t gotten everything done! What am I going to do? 
What happened, I didn’t meet my soulmate?
My business didn’t take off, what do I need to do?
I still need to lose weight or get my health in check, what can I do?
I had so many plans for this year, how do I get on track for next year?

This year was really hard and emotional, how can I make next year better?

Trust me, I get these questions this all the time…
It’s the end of the year and everything you didn’t get done or everything you thought would happen, didn’t.

What are you going to do?
How are you going to catch up the time and all the to-do lists and obligations?
Where did all your dreams and plans go?

First, take a deep breath and remind yourself…
I AM… exactly where I need to be, doing the things I need to be doing at the right times with the right people. 

Second, let’s see how I can help.

None of us are meant to do it alone. We all need help and it’s ok to not only ask for help but to receive it.

So the things that is most important right now is for you to decide how you want to end your year.

Frantic and overwhelmed or connected with your inner wisdom and trusting in yourself.  If you chose frantic, can’t help you boo. Bye Felicia!

If you chose connected, I got you babe!

That’s my job as a healer and coach. To help you look within, dive deeper and help you remember all of the “amazingness” within.

The end of the year can be overwhelming for the best of us. However, it’s still plenty of time to get centered, get back on track and get back in full swing of accomplishing the dreams and desires of your heart that you set out for. AND its also a great time to purge and release the things an people that are no longer serving your best and highest good.

I don’t suggest doing new years resolutions… most people can’t keep up with them longer than a few weeks, if that long. However, what you can do, is work on envisioning the path you want to take, to get where you want to go. What is it you want to be, do, feel and experience for your 2019?

What is you want to have deep down in the depths of your soul? The depths of your being?
That’s where I come in… most of focus on thinking with the superficial of the relationships, money, etc that we want and trust me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  However, if that’s as far as you’re going, you might just end up in this same space next year.

My desire and purpose is to help you dig deeper, see more, experience more and really be the best freaking version of YOU that you are here to be.

So let’s talk and see how I can best serve you…
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