Month: December 2018

Spiritual Healing On Every Level

Selenite & Fire Quartz

Selenite & Fire Quartz to help me release 2018 & welcome 2019

I was sitting here wondering what I needed to do for my own new years eve… I knew I didn’t want to go out, but I needed to do something focused on healing to help me release all of the pent up anxiety and stress that 2018 brought with it. 2017 was intense, but 2018,…
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Being an INTROVERT part 2… comfortable in my own skin

So I’m going to dive right on into the deep end!For me, being an introvert is so much deeper than just how we socialize, engage with others and protect boundaries. STOP minimizing it to a simple conscious choice. Its not always that easy. Is it easy for you to start or stop believing in Jesus?Or…
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I Am HealingOne: Being ME has never felt so good!!!

I’m an INTROVERT, but I think everyone else is the weird one, LOL

I continue to realize how truly misunderstood INTROVERTS are.. People constantly say to me.. OMG, you cant possibly be an introvert, girl you’re too social and fun.🙄 Introverts aren’t cave people who cant string a sentence together! Or they say… You are too good at public speaking, no way you’re an introvert Or… everytime I…
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