Waist Beads

Spiritual Healing On Every Level

Hey there beautiful one!

Already a client or have spoken with us and ready to order? Order your waist beads here Our pieces are custom made upon order being placed, so let’s work together and create some magic for your healing journey! Because you’re worth it and you deserve it!

Price ranges right now from $100-$185. 

We don’t just make typical waist beads like you find on google. Because our focus is truly on the healing benefits of using crystals and stones our process is different. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them and use them just to feel sexy and get your feminine energy on!. Typically we use 4mm & 6mm size beads (upon request we have gone as large as 12mm accent beads). We also do a 20 minute phone consult with you. The consult will focus on your desired healing energy and specific intentions. Also any health issues you are using them to help address. And any mindset work or specific crystals you are drawn to. Because this all plays a part in your enjoyment of your beads, it’s important to discuss. (Please note that we do NOT provide medical advice or recommendations).

Our Creation Process…

  1. You can make the initial deposit to start your waist beads here for $100… Purchase Your Waist Beads
  2. You will receive a link in your confirmation email, so please use this link to book your consultation.
  3. Please measure your waist in centimeters or inches, at the space you want your beads to rest and be sure that it’s snug but has leeway to still have some space, to allow for natural shifts in weight. Provide us with this measurement when we speak.
  4. We will speak at the appointed consultation time and discuss the specifics of your order.
  5. Your price is finalized during the consultation call. Final price depends on your bead size preference and the specific crystals and stones we will use to create your waist beads. (we will stay within the budget you set).
  6. If there is an additional amount due above the initial $100 payment, you will be invoiced immediately after the consultation.
  7. Once invoice is paid, we will start on your order and advise you once it is completed and shipped to you.
  8. Most orders can be created and shipped within 7 business days after the consultation. However we will let you know if there is an expected delay or we will require extra time to order specific crystals and stones.

Our Clients Have Used Waist Beads To…

  • Help relieve pain from fibroids and uterine cysts
  • Support the fertility journey
  • Relieve PMS symptoms and cramping
  • Process emotions and navigate the divorce process
  • Honor their divine feminine and just feel sexy
  • Build and restore self-esteem and self-love
  • Release and cleanse energy after ending a relationship
  • Work with their therapeutic journey in treating depression and anxiety
  • Reclaim and fall in love with their physical body after trauma
  • Support the grief process after miscarriage and loss
  • Help in their healthy weight management efforts
If you are new to the crystals and stones journey, reach out. Let us help you figure out what will resonate best for you. You may want to start with a necklace or bracelet just to make sure you will be comfortable wearing the energy. Wherever you are in your journey, we are here to support you! Our goal is to help you to find your sweet spot and thrive in your healing journey!

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