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Sex, Intimacy, Power Part Two!

Sex, Intimacy, Power Part Two! At the end of 2019, We did our very first Sex, Intimacy, Power Live Panel Discussion. We enjoyed the panel so much that we decided to plan a Part Two. If you were a part of the first discussion, THANK YOU!! We loved all of your comments and questions! Come…
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Meet the Panel

This Blog is a chance for you to “Meet the Panel“ featured in our Upcoming Seminar: Sex. Intimacy. Power. We will have 6 panel members, each covering a variety of different topics.  For more information on the seminar, check out our blog here.  Jasmine Balom  Jasmine is a healer, author, massage therapist and Holistic life coach.…
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Sex. Intimacy. Power

I Am HealingOne Presents: Sex. Intimacy. Power.  I Am HealingOne is teaming up with 5 other healers to bring you our newest seminar: Sex. Intimacy. Power. We are bringing together a panel of 6 healers, each with their own unique perspective on healing and sensuality. The panel consists of men and women, so you will…
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