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I Am HealingOne: Being ME has never felt so good!!!

I’m an INTROVERT, but I think everyone else is the weird one, LOL

I continue to realize how truly misunderstood INTROVERTS are.. People constantly say to me.. OMG, you cant possibly be an introvert, girl you’re too social and fun.🙄 Introverts aren’t cave people who cant string a sentence together! Or they say… You are too good at public speaking, no way you’re an introvert Or… everytime I…
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Power to Speak Truths: Honor Yourself

Grace, Compassion, & Church Hurt…

Pretty long, but definitely worth the read… I had 2 MAJOR moments of insight over the past 10 days… 1. I started to hear the message of GRACE & COMPASSION. REPEATEDLY from God/Spirit. Concerning my own emotions, (feeling what I feel and being ok with it). Because yeah i teach it, but, duh! I need…
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What’s the best way to get started working with me..?

I get asked this question all the time. So I thought I’d create this quick post… 🙂 Honestly, my response is different based on the person I am talking to and if I’ve had some type of interaction with them before. If I know you and have had conversation and connection, I might suggest a…
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