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Spiritual Healing On Every Level

I Am Power Womb Healing Retreat

I Am Power Womb Healing Retreat We are going Virtual! Due to the pandemic and wanting to continue forward in protecting all of us as much as possible, we are finally rescheduling our womb healing event, but will do so virtually so that you get all of this amazingness right in the comfort of your…
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20 Crystals for Under $5

20 Crystals for Under $5 You can begin your healing process for less than $5! All of the crystals listed below are in stock and ready to ship to you. Visit our Store to view all of our products today! And if you have questions on how to use your new crystals, check out our…
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Sex. Intimacy. Power

I Am HealingOne Presents: Sex. Intimacy. Power.  I Am HealingOne is teaming up with 5 other healers to bring you our newest seminar: Sex. Intimacy. Power. We are bringing together a panel of 6 healers, each with their own unique perspective on healing and sensuality. The panel consists of men and women, so you will…
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