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Did you just purchase some crystals from us at an expo or in our online shop and can’t remember how to use them? You can send us an email… PLEASE include a picture of your crystals & what we talked about. We’ll remind you how to get started with them. 

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As we continue to grow, the heartbeat of our business is shifting back to focus more on group work and events. Check out our “Inner Soul Cafe’ group membership to see how we can support you

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If you are specifically wanting a more pesonal or intensive coaching experience outside of group work, visit our online schedule. Though it is not our full focus anymore we do make a few individual sessions available each month. 

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Shop our HealingOne store to find tons of crystals & stones, tumblers, t-shirts, and other inspirational goodies to help supercharge your healing journey! Grab some for yourself & your loved ones!

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Book Jasmine as a speaker for your next event. She brings powerful insight and wisdom from her 20 year career in Health Wellness & Spirituality to help support others in creating a journey of life and healing they can thrive in. 

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Heal ThySELF

In my own mind, healing is a never ending, beautiful journey of SELF. Discovering who you are, accepting and honoring all the wonderful, good, and even the not so great things about you. Getting comfortable in your own skin and trusting your own inner voice. There’s no one right or wrong way to heal. It’s about finding the right path for you. YOU. That’s the point of healing. CELEBRATING YOU!… Some of the benefits of HEALING?

~Building Self-Confidence
~Balance Your Divine Masculine & Feminine
~Discovering Yourself
~Creating the Opportunities You Desire
~Increasing Your Self-Love
~Strengthening Your Financial Actions
~Honoring Your Inner Voice
~Getting Comfortable In Your Own Skin
~Creating The Relationships You Desire
~Healing Childhood Wounds & Emotional Baggage
~Finding Your Own Path In Life
~Creating The Life You Truly Desire & Embracing Your Purpose
~And So Much More!

Wanna SUPERCHARGE your Healing journey?

Healing Crystals & Stones can help to create more enjoyment in any healing work you do. Whether you’re focused on creating more love, romance or wealth in your life, or needing support releasing old wounds and emotional baggage, we’ve got you covered! Earths little goodies can help you dive deeper and create more moments of joy, love and laughter. Because healing doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming all the time. Let us help you create a healing journey you can enjoy! Find these and other fun goodies in our shopify store.

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