Meeting Of The Minds

Spiritual Healing On Every Level

Meetings of the Minds is a merger of two ideas and visions… of I Am HealingOne, LLC & Bible Based Outreach Ministry, located in Birmingham, AL. Together we are putting our money where our mouths are and actively trying to more positively reach the young men and women in the local Fountain Heights and Druid Hills areas of downtown Birmingham.



Is to create a safe space to share wisdom and knowledge and bridge the gap in the connection to resources and available community support. We will do this by offering monthly classes, workshops, seminars and events. Some of the upcoming topics we look to offer include but are not limited to…

~~Financial Literacy,
~~Money mindset and awareness,
~~Credit worthiness,
~~Preparing for home ownership, and
~~Using their talents and hobbies to create multiple streams of income and businesses
~~Dealing with generational/family bondage
~~Embracing your own personal healing journey
~~Life after divorce
~~Celebrating single moms and dads
~~Women’s Day
~~Men’s Day
~~Back to School backpack drive
~~Christmas dinner family boxes

Jasmine is bringing her background of healing work, and real life experience. To help make personal healing less scary and more available to anyone who is willing to invest in themselves and do the work. Pastor Charles & Mrs Evelyn Bonner are bringing their hearts for ministry and outreach and their life earned wisdom and knowledge. We are partnering to help positively change lives! We are collaborating with local Businesses & Entrepreneurs to teach monthly classes and bridge the gap in available information.


For Volunteering, Donating & Sponsoring


We need your time, resources, supplies, services products, etc please call us directly at 205-419-7079 or email Some of the specific things we will need most are…

~~Backpack supplies,
~~Volunteers for helping on the various dates,
~~Lite food and refreshments for the monthly classes,
~~Printed fliers and handouts,
~~Goodies for swag bags,
~~Prizes and giveaways,
~~And anything you want to offer to help us make this an ongoing and amazing experience for every life we can touch and positively impact. But more than anything we need your help to  spread the word! Even if you feel you have nothing valuable to give…Your voice and efforts are the most valuable thing we can use. So please help us spread the word and reach more people!!


Upcoming Calender Dates

June 29th, 2019… 
Money Mindset pt 1 (Defining your money language)

July 20th, 2019…   
Rescheduled to August 17th

August 17th, 2019… 
Adopting a Teacher/Class at Tuggle Elementary (we are partnering to help with supplies, money and time)
Healing Money wounds (Releasing Generational Bondage & Wounds)

September 28th, 2019…
Money Mindset pt 2 (Homeownership & Entrepreneurs)

October 26th, 2019… 
Men’s Day/ Women’s Day

November 16th, 2019…
Embracing your own personal healing journey

Thanksgiving dinner boxes

December 14th, 2019…
Single Dads/Mom’s day

December 21st, 2019… 
Volunteers will meet to organize Christmas dinner boxes

December 22nd, 2019…
Christmas family dinner boxes given after service.



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