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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients are saying:

I felt very relaxed, more confident and more compelled to push myself to reach my goals.

G. Cooley,
Atlanta, Georgia

Jasmine is a beautiful soul. I had a huge awakening during my appointment with her today. My perception and outlook on my personal journey has been completely shifted and I now feel like I have the tools I need to move forward in growth and healing. I am abundantly grateful for her guidance.

C. Nueville
LaFayette, Lousiana

Jasmine is beyond amazing. I’ve experienced a handful of different coaches in the past however Jasmine has been the most influential figure in my life. She’s not about the fluff and will give it to you straight. As a person of color it’s hard finding someone who can truly relate to me, and my experiences. I’m forever grateful for Jasmine and can’t see myself receiving guidance from anyone else. 

M. Moore
Nashville, Tennessee

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I used to hear the phrase “There’s nothing to it but to do it”, all the time, lol! And it honestly used to frustrate me, until I actually allowed myself to realize how true it really is. If you are ready to change things and start seeing your life line up to your desires, we can help. Let us help you see how easy it can be to do it, whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish or need our support with. We’re ready! Go ahead and click the link right below, through to Jasmine’s online schedule, and grab your package of intitial sessions and let’s get started.

How do HealingOne clients benefit from Hypnosis and NLP?

I simplify it and say that we help clients to work through and release the things that feel overwhelming and to create more concrete pictures and visuals of the things and experiences they truly want, so that they can actually create them in their daily living experiences.

Hypnosis helps us to go beyond the conscious mind and to more easily access our subconsicous mind. NLP (Neuro-Lingusitic Programming) helps us to better use our communication skills and to more strategically create the conversations and experiences that help us live the life we desire. They can both help us to realign emotional anchors and how we assign truth and value to things, people, experiences, and more.

I personally create and listen to a hypnosis audio nightly, whenever I want to address something quickly and efficiently. I absolutely notice a quick difference in my actions and thinking. 

Hypnosis and NLP can absolutely be done stand alone from each other, and some clients prefer it that way, while others prefer doing them in the same session. We’ll work with you to strategize on the best approach for you and your needs.


Personal Note…

These sessions are great to help support healing trauma, especially as you work with your personal therapist or counselor. My background is in counseling so I love to tag team and help you to create your personal dream team!
This personally is one of my favorite sessions to do, because I know how much of a powerful change it has made for me in my own personal life. I had gotten to a point where I was always stressed, overwhelmed and ready to just give up from the sheer emotional exhaustion I constantly felt. I used hypnosis on myself and when I added NLP to that along with my intuitive gifts, I was able to tap in even deeper and see more clearly. I was able to reduce the overwhelm from my emotions, clear a LOT of shit from childhood and could see my own light again. Even my loved ones noticed a quick difference and asked me what I was doing differently, LOL!

Ready to release the unnecessary emotional weights and experience more freedom in your life?
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How can Hypnosis & NLP can help you?

I like to explain it as, Hypnosis helps us to move past the conscious into the subconscious mind and shift emotions and thoughts without the resistance. Hypnosis is also great for working with… smoking cessation, weight management, overall healing work, mindset work, helping to support self-love and self-esteem work, wealth work, wellness work, improving sleep, communication, relationship experiences, pain management, anxiety, and so much more!
Neuro-Lingusitic Programing (NLP), is a great tool, to help with shifting emotional anchors and how we assign importance and value to things, people, experiences, along with how we process information and communicate. NLP is also great to work with… fears and phobias, anxiety, relieving intense emotions, reducing stress, increasing motivation, changing thoughts and beliefs, achieving goals, getting clear on your desires and visions, becoming more embodied in yourself, and so much more!

A lot of our clients are entreprenuers and business owners, so we have been using both Hypnosis and NLP to help clients with making more money, releasing resistantce to sales and marketing, addressing fears of failure, releasing fears of growth and expansion and more! Some other ways we’ve been able to support many of our clients include helping them to relieve anxiety, enjoy better sleep, easier communication with partners, spouses, children. Also in pursing different career paths and more!

We’ve been helping clients to identify their communication patterns and needs, and create more enjoyable conversations with friends, family and loved ones (read, less arguing, lol). We’ve helped clients release emotional connections with eating, with childhood experiences, family patterns and more.

We’re ready and waiting on you, come on love, let’s create some magick together. Click the link right below and let’s get started. 


Things to know…

There is never a point where you are not in control. With Hypnosis, you are always in control. Most say, hypnosis of any kind, is self hypnosis. I nor anyone else can make you quack like a duck, cluck like a chicken or do anything that is unsafe or not what you want to do.

You may have seen a hypnotic stage show where people have yelled, danced, sang, done all kinds of crazy stuff. LOL! I’ve been one of those people 20 years ago when I first tried hypnosis. And it was FUN!!! But at no point did i feel unsafe or out of control.

You are not asleep, you are not brainwashed or manipulated. Should you decide to participate in sessions with me, you will be in full control at all times. You will always here everything going on around you and be in full control of your own mind and body.

Hypnosis is simply a more relaxed state of being. It is a technique or tool to be used, to help with many challenges and concerns you may be experiencing.
Some will feel more comfortable with Hypnosis than others. I do not force, or push. When we start a session, we will work together to create safe space for you to relax and get the benefits you are seeking. I’m simply co-creating the experience with you and helping you to tune into your inner power.



If you have been clinically diagnosed with depression, anxiety and or a mental health issue or concern, we will require a referral or note from your treating Provider, that states they are OK with you working with us using Hypnosis and NLP. This is to make sure that having us working with you is in your best and safest interests. (At this time we do not accept insurance, the note or referral is for our records to note that you are ok to work with us.

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