HealingOne Hotline FAQ

Spiritual Healing On Every Level

Need career guidance & direction?

Call in now and let us help you tap into the direct guidance you need to make your next steps in your career, job or educational pursuits?

What can you expect from our line?

Our line is going to merge some of the things Jasmine loves most! Angel card pulls, Life Coaching, Intuitive Guidance and real-talk (like with your best friend) to help you get the insight you need. I haven’t seen any other line do this and I am all about doing what feels good for me and helps meet the need of my clients. So I get to do two things I love! We’re creating this service because we know many of our clients who work with us or want to work with us have differing budgets and this is a way that you get to SET YOUR OWN BUDGET and get help without breaking the bank.


1. How do I get started and try out your line?
You can click the green button on our call line page and this will take you to an advisor page. There you can read about that advisor and services offered. And when you’re ready, you’ll see the same green button, just click it and it will take you to the sign up page to get started creating your free member account and adding funds for your first call. OR you can call 1-808-400-1124 and get setup by phone. Easy peasy! 🙂 

2. How much is it?
Each call is based on a per minute rate. Each advisor has an individually set rate, so be sure to check the rates for the advisor you want to work with.  An example of what you can expect would be $2.99, or 4.99 per minute and up. The current listed rate for the advisor you choose to speak will be listed on their profile page. You can visit Our Advisors page on the Hotline website and choose based on the specific type of reading you want, Choose Your Advisor Here 🙂

3. Can I set my own budget?
YES! That’s why we are setting up the call line. This is for all of our amazing clients and want to be clients who can’t necessarily do a full length coaching session or join our membership group at this time. YOU get to determine how long you talk on your calls, so you have absolute control over your budget.

4. Can I call back as much as I want?
Absolutely! You can call in as much as you want and even when you are in a call, you can extend your time if you want to.

5. Are the calls recorded?
NO. We respect your privacy and strive to create a confidential and safe space, so calls will not be recorded.

6. Can I ask about my upcoming court case?
NO. We are not legal or medical professionals so we do not answer legal, health or medically related questions. Please refer to your lawyer or medical professionals for that type of advice and support.

7.  What happens if I dont reach the advisor I want when I call in?
If you don’t reach the particular advisor you want, then you have the option to setup a call back and when we do login, you get priority before we take new calls. You can also message your advisor privately when you are logged into your account on the website. 

Experienced and professional advisors…

Compassionate listening and answers

Insight into life purpose, card pulls, energy healing, career changes, romance and relationships, general guidance, and so much more!

Get started now and call in!

How is our line different from others?

EASY!!! The first thing is going to be RESPECT! We’ve noticed that on other lines they let you call in and just dive into your questions, without even basic respect and pleasantries being exchanged. People hang up the readers faces! WOW! On our line we want you to understand the emotional labor that goes into using our spiritual gifts to support others.

We’d love to offer a few pointers…
We think it’ll make the expeirence better for both you and your advisor.

1. Say good morning or good evening.
Ask your advisor how they are doing and let them ask you. 🙂 Simple pleasentries can go a long way to helping create more open and flowing energy between you and your reader. 

2. Please DO NOT just hang up in their faces.
If you are not resonating, if you don’t like the call or don’t feel a connection, then simply say that. We understand your money is valuable, however so is our time and energy. And if someone is taking the time to support you, honor that by being respectful. Inform them that you aren’t resonating and want to end the call, then disconnect the call. Please don’t just flat out hang up in someones face. Be resepctful and treat us the same way we want to treat you, RESPECTFULLY.

3. Please be respectful of boundaries, ours, yours, and others. 
We will be focused on creating a space via this call line that is as safe as it can be (it is a call line people 🙂 ), and one of the best ways to do that is to make sure that reciprocal respect is our foundation. Please also understand we are not here to tell you how to win your girlfriend back because you cheated with 50 women, or how to stalk the dude that you can’t get over. Now, no shade or judgment, but nope! We are not here for that. Our call line is best used for those who actually want some support in their healing journey, not just pulling on peoples energy and using spirit to try and override other peoples boundaries.

4. We do not connect with other peoples energy without permission.
What does that mean? We connect with shared energy. Meaning if you are calling about another person, the only information we will share with you is what their angels and ours are willing to communicate within the boundaries of respecting their privacy. We will not force a connection or override any boundaries they have in place. RESPECT is the foundation of how we want to use our gifts

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