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How do you figure out what
type of session you need to choose?

There are many different types of intuitive services available and different modalities. With that in mind, we believe there are 3 main considerations to be mindful of when choosing which one to get for yourself or loved ones. Use this as a starting place to help you the right one for you.  


Figure out what
you want to work on…

Determining what you want to work on, address or focus on is key to figuring out what type of session you will need. Whether it be love and romance, money matters, healing childhood trauma or just getting insight into a specific situation you may be dealing with. Getting specific about the help you want will help yuo choose the person to work with and the type of session you need. 

Understanding your needs will also help you maximize the time in your session. You can write down your questions ahead of time, and be clear and concise with your reader as to your needs so that they can best support you and guide the session in that direction. 


Choose the healer, coach, reader, etc that you want to work with. 

Choose the person you are interested in working with and do your due dilligence. Check them out, browse their website, social media, etc… Look at what they share in content. Does it support the work they do or does it seem like they are just out of the cracker jack box?

If they aren’t someone you’ve been referred to, please take the extra time to make sure they are the right person for you. Consider any education, training, experience and overall energy you feel from them? Does what they bring to the table feel suitable for your needs?
 Dont mistake a lot of letters and credentials as expertise. Focus on the combined presentation of the person you choose. 


Pick the session that resonates most for your needs. 

If you don’t already know what type of sessions they offer, ask. Check out the different options and choose the session that wil best suit your needs. For example if you want to focus on a current situation and getting answers, an Intuitive Guidance, Tarot or Oracle card session might be good. 

If you want to focus on more of a healing energy and shifting some trauma, an Akashic Records or Energy Healing or Reiki session might be most helpful.  If you want to focus more on astrology and understading your chart placements then you can look toward an astrology/natal chart reading.  Want to connect with an ancestor or loved one who has passed on? Then loook for an akashic records or mediumship focused reading. 

Jasmine aka The HealingOne

Healer & Coach Spiritual Counselor

What makes me great at what I do? 

I could say its my combination of degrees and experience. But, honestly, it’s not really that. I know that what makes me great at my craft is understanding my purpose, and choosing to fully embrace it. Knowing that this literally is part of what I’m here to do. That the light within me acts like a beacon and draws to me the people I’m supposed to work with.

Now, add that to my own personal experiences, trainings and educaton and I am pretty badass! Yup, I can toot my own horn, lol! And you’ll find my clients and customers do it to!

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How long is a session?

A session with me is typically 60-90 minutes for the more intensive work such as Akashic Records, Energy Healing or if you want to include Coaching or Spiritual Counseling.  For a basic Tarot or Oracle Card reading or Intuitive Guidance Reading those can range from 30-60 minutes. It’s best to choose your session length based on the work you want to accomplish along with whatever questions you’ve chosen for your session. The more questions you have and areas of focus you want to cover, the more time you are going to need. 

How can I prepare for my session?

Every person is different in what they need to feel safe and be able to pay attention so figure out what that is for you. is it in a favorite recliner and blanket, in your prayer closet, outside at your favorite park, etc..? Do you need to take notes so you can remember all the details, or do you focus better just going with the flow? Will your family respcct your time and privacy if you are at home or do you need to be somewhere else so you wont get distracted and miss important information? 

I always suggest to my personal clients to get into their favorite quiet space, have pen and paper, something to drink, at very least some water and be sitting in a comfortable position. Write your questions down before the session and have an idea of the general focus you want the session to have. Also be willing to be flexbile, as your angelic team may have pertinent info that may be off your intended topic. Be open minded and ready to feel whatever emotions may need to come up. 

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