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Why I decided to become a Doula?

A few years ago I begin saying these words to myself… “DIVINE LOVE IS ENOUGH”

I had no idea the depths I was about to see, of how powerful love really and truly can be… and the thing is that I am still discovering! It’s sometimes almost overwhelming when I feel the real and soul deep power of love in myself. Like my body is almost not strong enough to contain it. Does that even make sense? LOL!

I have seen and experienced this divine level of loving completely change my life. Many clients I have worked with that are open to digging deeper and really opening their capacity to love have seen the results too. To allowing love to heal from within. It is eye-opening and soul healing. Because it’s not about viewing love from a romanticized perspective… it’s about recognizing the pure perfection, the divine-ness that we are created in, the splendid beauty that is us as human beings. This level of love, when we allow it to first be for self and then to others, woooooo baby!! It’s a game changer!!!

And it is this love that I desire to help cultivate with my Mommas. To remind them of, to pour into them and to help them deepen with their partner and baby. And especially for my single Mommas. If you don’t have the support, we want to create that safe space for you. We can be that sister-friend that will help you remember yourr own divine amazingness. We are born capable and ready for birth.

Pregnancy if that’s what a woman wants, is in our makeup and we are fully supported by the divine in this journey. When a woman conceives, so many fears can pop up. Especially if you’ve had a previous loss or family fertility issues. If you’re a black woman, statistics show, you are at higher risk for death. You have to worry about your own care even more during the process of pregnancy and labor and delivery and the well-being of your baby.

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One of my biggest motivators!!

As black women our own mortality rates are higher as well as that of our babies. And that is scary shit! So, no it’s not about being weak, or needy or not owning our power. In this case, I believe we need the extra love and attention poured into us, to edify and lift us up. To heal us from the inside out. To know we are capable and prepared. Our bodies are capable and prepared.

(I don’t want to scare anyone or use fear tactics so I am honestly not sure how much I will share here on this page, but feel free to ask and we can talk about the research showing that we as black woman deal with the affects of racism and prejudice in our physical bodies and it affects our ability to conceive and carry.)

Now, please also understand that I’m not negating the medical issues that can plague us and cause trouble with conceiving and successfully carrying a pregnancy… fibroids, cysts, hormonal issues, etc… They are all real and I have no problem using medical intervention. However, sometimes, if sometimes spiritual healing can be even just a little bit more help and less traumatic and overwhelming… Then I am all for it! And I am here for the Mommas that want to try it that way.

So my goal is to work with Mommas that may be struggling to conceive and want to try some holistic and natural ways such as yoni steaming, herbal blends, energy healing, etc to see what changes we can create. I’ll be offering services online and working with a limited number of women in person, via my Momma Membership and individual sessions.

What do the experts say about Doulas?

“A doula is a professional trained in childbirth who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a mother who is expecting, is experiencing labor, or has recently given birth. The doula’s purpose is to help women have a safe, memorable, and empowering birthing experience”. ~~American Pregnancy Association

Though our HealingOne services and in collaboration with other Doula’s and Birth Sisters, It is our intention to create sisterhood, emotional safety and support. To support the moms we work in in enjoying pregnancy and labor & delivery. We desire to help you understand just how powerful you are. To help you have a better more positive experience if you have had a traumatic one.

To be supported and know you are not alone if you do not have a partner or family to go through this journey with you. Our job is to help you and your loved ones, as much as possible, to create a birthing experience that you can look back on with fondness and know that it was what you wanted it to be.

And if you are asking, just how we can help you have a more positive and powerful birthing experience, research supports the impact a doula can have when working with a mother during labor.

“Numerous studies have documented the benefits of having a doula present during labor. With the support of a doula, women were less likely to have pain-relief medications administered and less likely to have a cesarean birth. Women also reported having more postive childbirth experience.”. ~~American Pregnancy Association

What’s our Process for Doula Services?

Our services start at $750 for a package

1. That includes up to 2 visits in person before birth, labor & delivery support, and up to 2 visits after. We can work with you to personalize it for your best needs, by adding sessions and any of our other services. We initially will schedule the free consultation to determine if you and I are a good fit together.

2. If we see we can work well together, then we’ll move forward to design your package and sign your contract. Please don’t let price be a barrier. HealingOne is based on our services being available, so sometimes we are able to work with you on pricing. You can also make payments if you can’t pay in full.

3. We’ll schedule your visits based on how many you want before labor/delivery. You will have access to me via phone and email between sessions. And once you hit 37 weeks I will go on call 24/7 for you to notify me once you are in labor and let me know when you are ready for me to come support you.

4. After delivery I will stay with you up to 2 hours to make sure you, partner and baby are all doing ok before I leave. Once you have returned home, we’ll get our remaining visits scheduled. Ideally one on your 3rd day home and then any others you want to have after that.

5. What are some of the other services you can add to the Doula package? I am a trained Akasic Records Reader/Healer, Spiritual Counselor and Intuitive Coach so we can design a package that includes any of those. As well as offering a full inventory of healing energy crystals and stones, waist beads and beaded jewelry. And you can determine whether you want only online support va the Momma Private Membership, only in-person support, or a combination of the two including my online Momma P

rivate Membership.

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Let’s see if we are meant to work together. I look forward to talking with you Momma to be! Please remember this will not be a full session for you to ask all your pregnancy questions. Think of this as simple interview where we both get to check each other out and see if we want to connect. 🙂

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