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Spiritual Healing On Every Level

It's ok to not be OK

Checking in & my thoughts on showing up

Ive had many of my white friends ask me what can they do? In what areas can they be showing up? How can they help? How can they show support or love or alliance. What do they do to let others know they’re showing up for us?  And i share with them my thoughts, ideas…
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Womb Healing

The womb is the epicenter of healing for a woman, no matter if you’ve had children or not. Womb healing is the act of healing, purging, releasing and nurturing yourself spiritually, physically and mentally. Every woman’s womb healing will be an intimate, personal journey of self. It is all about what is important to you.…
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Will you choose your family or yourself?

Will you choose your family, or yourself?

I recently had a friend ask me… “when did you truly find your peace & actually heal?” 😳😳 I asked them were they ready for the honest no filter answer and they said yep so I went for the throat lol! WHEN I LEFT MY MF FAMILY!!! Straight up, no chaser, and hurt like hell,…
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