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Clear Insight, Gudiance…

Clients tell us that we offer refreshing, straightforward wisdom and remind them that they are powerful. Let us help you feel the same way. Call in right now and let us help you get answers!

A few benefits of a hotline

~ Quick guidance and insight into your next steps
~Answers in the privacy of your own home 
~Friendly & professional advisors
~Available when you need it without scheduling
~Schedule callbacks on your availability
~You are in control. you guide the call with the questions you want to ask

WHY call OUR hotline?

Well, let us tell you why we started the HealingOne Hotline…  we know that budget is a consideration for some, and just because you’re invested in your healing journey doesn’t mean you’ll always have the funds to spend in larger amounts.

We wanted to create an easily accessible way to connect with more of you amazing souls who want to work with Jasmine and the other amazing advisors, coaches and healers she works with. So all of that said, the simple answer is, our hotline is a way for you to set your own budget and get the support you need. 

We’re also working to change the game a bit. While we respect the right of every person to use their gifts as they see fit, we also believe that there is a certain level of honor, respect and relationship that comes with intuitive guidance and the like services. 

With some of the other lines we noticed a disconnect… a lack of connection, a focus on predictions rather than empowering clients to see their own power. We want to work with you to help confirm and affirm the knowledge and power already within you. It is Jasmine’s personal belief that we all have intuition and inner guidance, we all have gifts. Some are just stronger in certain areas than others. Our angels are always talking to us and wanting to give us guidance and support our needs. 

That’s where we come in! 🙂 

We work with you to help you dive deeper and get the insight and clarity you need. To make your best decisions, life changes, and to support your personal healing jouney. 

HealingOne Hotline