Spiritual Healing On Every Level

What’s the best way to get started working with me..?

I get asked this question all the time. So I thought I’d create this quick post… 🙂 Honestly, my response is different based on the person I am talking to and if I’ve had some type of interaction with them before. If I know you and have had conversation and connection, I might suggest a…
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It’s all about you!

There’s no perfect time, only right now. I know, it’s easy to write that amazing inspired list of all the things you need to and will do, and then get sidetracked with life. Unexpected twists, turns and crazy moments. And before you know it, weeks, months, even years have gone by and you’re still wishing…
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A Healer guides, they do not pull or force… Healing is LOVE

A Healer guides, they do not pull or force… Healing is LOVE. ~~Jasmine Balom/HealingOne Why do I say that? Because I often connect with people who will complain in my inbox for hours, days or longer. Not because they just want to be miserable, sometimes that’s just what they’re used to. Yet, they get upset…
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