Womb Healing

The womb is the epicenter of healing for a woman, no matter if you’ve had children or not. Womb healing is the act of healing, purging, releasing and nurturing yourself spiritually, physically and mentally. Every woman’s womb healing will be an intimate, personal journey of self. It is all about what is important to you.…
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Sex. Intimacy. Power

I Am HealingOne Presents: Sex. Intimacy. Power.  I Am HealingOne is teaming up with 5 other healers to bring you our newest seminar: Sex. Intimacy. Power. We are bringing together a panel of 6 healers, each with their own unique perspective on healing and sensuality. The panel consists of men and women, so you will…
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Lets Talk about Self Care

Let’s Talk About Self Care  Self Care comes in hundreds of different forms and is necessary in everyday life. Especially when we may be dealing extra burdens or issues. Our focus is going to be on dealing with Depression and Anxiety for this article. Oftentimes, these struggles leave us feeling like no one knows what…
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