Spiritual Healing On Every Level


One of the ways to see improvement in every other area of your life and every relationship you participate in is to HONOR YOURSELF. Sound too simple? It is simple!! It doesn’t matter if you’re having challenges in your marriage, issues in your business or job, money problems, disruptions in your friendships, health issues, etc……
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It's ok to not be OK

Checking in & my thoughts on showing up

Ive had many of my white friends ask me what can they do? In what areas can they be showing up? How can they help? How can they show support or love or alliance. What do they do to let others know they’re showing up for us?  And i share with them my thoughts, ideas…
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I Am Power Womb Healing Retreat

I Am Power Womb Healing Retreat We are going Virtual! Due to the pandemic and wanting to continue forward in protecting all of us as much as possible, we are finally rescheduling our womb healing event, but will do so virtually so that you get all of this amazingness right in the comfort of your…
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