Crystals that help you create a big bang in your life!

I get asked all the time, what crystals am I working with? And honestly, it changes all the time too, lol! It depends on what I’m working on, what’s happening around me, what I’m working on healing, etc… However I do also have a few staples that I tend to stick with consistently and use…
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HealingOne call line is LIVE!!

OMG!!!! We did it, we got the call line LIVE!!! Say whaaaaaaaaaaat! Yup,lol! We are officially cool kids now. So here are the basic deets… We are testing availability and scheduling so right now you can call at any time.Simply hop on over to our CALL LINE PAGE for more in depth information and click…
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It’s OK to NOT be OK!

Recently, I have been called to be more open and transparent with clients, friends, and family. And what I’ve been telling them, I mean practically screaming from the mountain top is that it’s OK, to not be OK. To prove it, I shared some things I have been facing and how I had literally given…
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