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Helpful, unhelpful loved ones and friends

Something I had become naively blind to for a while and just recently started back adding into my protection work… protection from the “helpful, unhelpfulness” of loved ones and friends. I do believe that most often our friends, family, spouse, loved ones, etc… want us to be ok. However often, sadly, they think they know…
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As black women we have to speak up concerning our health

Had a conversation with a doula client on why we as black women have to be so intentional and forceful in speaking up in our medical journey. Because during the birth, we had to speak up. Even though the nurses were well meaning and overall great. There was a noticeable gap in them helping to…
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Jasmine, you talk about sex more now, WHY?

A frequent question I get is… Jasmine, you talk about sex more now, WHY? And how do you know anything about to be able to teach me? Whelp, first and foremost I have used sex, intimacy and orgasm, to help my own healing of emotional wounds from past relationships, to help infuse and increase my…
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