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Jasmine with curly hair and text, She is worth all of the love in the world

Today I cried with my ancestors

Today, I sat with my ancestors and cried. I cried for the young girl who didn’t feel loved or protected. Who lived for decades without knowing what it felt like to be safe. The little girl who stayed in fight or flight so much that it became the normal and peace was the foreign and…
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Dear Healer you are powerful

Healer, Can I tell you something?

Dear healer, Can I tell you something? You are so powerful, divine and fierce. And yet, you don’t have to know it all, have it all figured it out, or be strong all the time. You’ve questioned yourself and whether you are really capable, because of the things you’ve gone through. You went through, to…
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Unakite What is Unakite?  One of my personal favs, I love working with Unakite as a way to stimulate fertility in my ideas (creation) and tapping into my heart space when I need to process deeper emotional work. It is said to be wonderful for heart work and connecting the heart and mind together. Powerful…
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