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Meet the Panel – Sex. Intimacy. Power

This Blog is a chance for you to “Meet the Panel“ featured in our Upcoming Seminar: Sex. Intimacy. Power. For more information on the seminar, check out our blog here.  Jay “Honors” English  What you do… Through the mediums of online classes, Spiritual retreats and One on One sessions, HonorsYoga gives people an opportunity to…
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Sex. Intimacy. Power

I Am HealingOne Presents: Sex. Intimacy. Power I Am HealingOne is teaming up with 4 other healers to bring you our newest seminar: Sex. Intimacy. Power. We are bringing together a panel of 5 healers, each with their own unique perspective on healing and sensuality. The panel consists of 3 women and 2 men, so…
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Pussy Power Experience

If you are here checking out the Pussy Power Experience, then that means you’re ready to make some magick happen and I am here for it! I am a firm believer that the things, people and experiences we need, happen when we are ready. I created this experience to be all about owning and honoring…
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