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Spiritual Healing On Every Level

Based in Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama, HealingOne, LLC is your trusted partner for moving towards a brighter future. It’s not just about healing, but more about learning to heal yourself. The power is already within you.

About HealingOne Spiritual Coaching

No one ever said that life was easy. Many of us are reminded of this daily as we face constant challenges and attempt to move beyond our pasts. But sometimes, some of us need a little extra help with healing to develop better habits along the way.

That’s where HealingOne steps in to take your way of thinking to new heights. The goal is not to heal you, but to help you tap into the power within you to learn the art of self-healing. We all have this power. HealingOne helps you realize yours through spiritual coaching services.

What’s in the Name?

HealingOne began as a moniker given by its clients in 2004 and thus became a vital vision in 2007. As a visionary concept, it was initially developed in 2010. The LLC was Founded and Incorporated in May of 2012.

HealingOne Mission Statement

HealingOne’s mission is to go out into the WORLD and impact lives, while making positive differences in those we encounter. It’s through these encounters that we can join together and learn how to heal the world, one person at a time.

Who Is Jasmine Balom?

Jasmine Balom is the founder of HealingOne. She understands how paralyzing it can be when you feel like you can’t move forward with a happy life.

That’s why Jasmine has committed her own life to helping inspire others to heal through:

  • Individual life coaching
  • Group mentoring
  • Emotional support groups

Click here to read Jasmine’s story.

Failure to speak your truth leaves room for chaos & confusion. Recognize the power in honoring yourself.

Failure to speak your truth leaves room for chaos & confusion. Recognize the power in honoring yourself.

What is Spiritual Healing?

Healing generally involves utilizing a combination of interventions, medical and non-medical, to create transformational changes. Focusing on healing means acknowledging the cause of the problem, disease or illness, and choosing to grow beyond it.

But this method simply focuses on one element of the problem. Because healing requires an entire package of solutions, this rarely leads to overall healing.

However, with spiritual healing, you concentrate on both the process of curing the issue, as well as the actual healing destination within your spirit. This helps to heal your body, mind, heart and soul throughout your healing journey.

Taking the Spiritual Healing Journey

In general, your spiritual healing journey should address four areas of your life:

  1. Physical Toxins
  2. Mental Toxins
  3. Emotional Toxins
  4. Spiritual Toxins

Your goal should be to get rid of the toxins reaping havoc in your soul. Releasing those toxins opens the path to your soul, so you become closer with yourself, through yourself. This allows you to truly become spiritually healed, making you more whole than every before!

The year 2019 has already shown us that we need to be close to our own spirits to survive the things happening in the world. Many of us have been chosen by a higher power to help others heal, which means healing ourselves first. This leads to better relationships with ourselves, as well as others.

Birmingham & Atlanta: Get the Spiritual Healing You Need

Jasmine currently calls TWO cities home:

  1. Atlanta, Georgia
  2. Birmingham, Alabama

Although most of her clientele receives her self-healing services online, she does do one-on-one and group work with locals in both Atlanta and Birmingham. Whether you’re looking for healing coaching online or in-person sessions within the ATL or BHM AKA BHAM metropolitan areas, HealingOne is here to help.

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