January’s Divine Guidance

Spiritual Healing On Every Level

January’s Divine Guidance

January Divine Guidance

We are leaving it all behind!

Wow! We made it through 2020. What more can I say cause that’s a statement, right there. Many of us have completed cycles within ourselves, careers & relationships.

Let me say this, it’s OKAY, and it is going to be okay. Those lessons have helped you grow and mature. Those lessons have shed some light on areas that need healing and brought about clarity. 2020 was a year of completion, and goddamnit, we Made it.

Don’t hold yourself in the space of what could’ve or should have been. Because what needed to happen did. There’s no more time to wallow in your shit.

Some of us are struggling with insecurity; are we good enough? Ummm, Hell yeah, you are! Is that even a question? Don’t allow others to project their fears onto you. You have this gift, skill, or talent because you’re worthy of sharing it with the world. Allow no-one to place you in a box. Abandon this insecurity and move into security; you will free the mind, body & spirit.

Journal prompt: What is 2021 requiring of you? How can you hold space for yourself when things get rough?

One more thing for this January Divine Guidance:

Be true. Be Loving. & Start from within.


January Divine Guidance


Ok! I’m 38, mother of 3, Mimi to 1, a cancer, lover of lover, I have magic hands, I’m a sensual being & a light worker. Well versed in energy healing, Akashic records, intuitive guidance and a advocate of self care.

I’m the owner of Serenity Richmond where you can catch these healing hands. specializing in creating a calming ambiance designed to help you feel relief from tension,  pain, illness, and environmental stress.

Remember- be true • be loving & start from within.

@Milinya Monet


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