Fertility is beautiful, divine, powerful, Let’s talk about the F word

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Fertility is beautiful, divine, powerful, Let’s talk about the F word

Unakite, a crystal for fertility

Fertility is beautiful, divine, powerful. It does not have to be a bad word or thing to be afraid of. Though it can be a loaded word, and come with a a lot of baggage. I want to shift the mood some and talk about fertility from two perspectives, but with a healing/spiritual focus. I’ll use myself as an example and then we’ll talk about trying to conceive and not trying to conceive.

Using myself as an example, I start my mornings off focusing on fertility and creative energy and overall wellness. I speak my affirmations of what I’m desiring to create, to embody and receive. I may do some tapping, or movement to feel more into my body. And then I focus on the things I desire to implement and or receive for the day. Both within my business and personally. (Please keep in mind, if you aren’t able to do these things, it’s OK).

To tap into my fertility energy and fuel my creative work, I use some Unakite, Carnelian and drink some of our HealingOne Steam/Tea Blend. There are plenty of other crystals and stones that are helpful and I’ll name a few more of those further down. I use these two regularly because they really resonate and produce powerful results for me and the clients I have recommended them to over the years.

HealingOne Yoni Steam & Tea

Now, lets talk about fertility, if you aren’t necessarily trying to conceive.

The thing I’ve learned about this is that some, not all, but some people will run so far from the thought of it that they begin to shut other things down in their life. Scared of having children, not wanting anymore children, dealing with trauma or pain from lost children or pregnancies. These are all things that are experienced and are valid.

However, as we navigate those feelings and experiencing, it’s a good reminder to give self, that fertility is still good, still necessary, still powerful.

Some people get scared when they hear the word fertility, because they limit it to only having a child. And believe me, I get it lol!! It’s easy to decide you are over the baby fever.

But there’s so much more, literally LIFE, is in fertility. To have what you want, you’ve got to be able to create it…. see where I’m going? To remind myself of this, I love to say the affirmation to myself, Fertility is beautiful, divine, powerful.


A few ways I have seen fertility being blocked…
~ A woman having unexplained fertility issues with no medical reasoning. Maybe she had a miscarriage. And then that trauma sat in her body because she didn’t have support to heal through it. So it kept cycling. Same thing can happen for a man.
~ A woman or man deciding they don’t want to have children (and that’s ok). But then the shame and guilt others try to apply turns into him or her spiritually aborting other opportunities and relationships that they could thrive in.
~ Having an abortion and not having the right support to help the woman and or man process through it. This can lead to unnecessary guilt and shame that then aborts the ability to conceive in the future (without medically based fertility issues).
~ Not knowing how to tap into that divine and spiritual energy of fertility, so only being able to expand and evolve so far in your individual life. This can look like creating a glass ceiling for yourself, staying stuck in repetitive negative cycles in relationship. Financial struggles. Trauma cycles.
~ Having more children than you desired or intended to have and carrying anger and resentment about it. This can shut down fertility in other areas of your life.

As I worked around the concept of fertility for myself and with clients, I literally was able to see the lightbulb moments. The moments when everything changed and life got brighter. Breathtaking is all I can say. And I am hear for it! Remember, Fertility is beautiful, divine, powerful. 


Fear doesnt have to control everything

Breathe, Fear doesn’t have to control everything or your journey with fertility

Ok my loves, lets talk about fertility, if you are trying to conceive.

First, remember that you are worth of the desires of your heart. You are worthy of the life you desire and dream of. And be open to whatever ways will work best for your journey. There is no shame in needing and using IVF, IUI, Surrogacy, Adoption, Fostering, finding a partner who already has children, or whatever opportunity helps you to become a parent if you desire to be.

Fertility treatments are not my areas of expertise, however I fully support them and have worked with clients as they went through the various processes. And just as I’ve seen the negative effects of shutting down fertility, I’ve seen it work wonders when embraced.

A few ways I have seen this happen…
~ Clients who’ve been in fertility treatments for years, finally being able to conceive.
~ Clients who have no medical reason for infertility, but having struggled, finally being able to conceive.
~ Women with histories of losses finally carrying safely and having healthy babies.
~ Clients being able to surpass their previous financial limits and accomplish higher salaries and career moves.
~ Clients who struggled with repetitive “bad” relationships, healing the root causes and thriving in healthy relationships.


No matter which space you are in, not trying or trying to conceive, here are a couple things to remember…

What’s the affirmation..? Fertility is beautiful, divine, powerful.  🙂

Fertility is creating the life you desire. Whether it be in business, building wealth, fulfilling relationships, enjoying adventures, pouring into yourself in order to thrive, loving yourself, loving others.

Fertility is nothing to fear, and everything to embrace. You are full of creativity, let your fertile waters flow inside of you. Find the ways that speak to you and bring more joy.

Carnelian, a crystal for fertility

First and foremost, it truly comes down to getting some clarity. What does Fertility mean to you?

Most of us have been conditioned and schooled, to see our sexuality and sexual energy in terms of reproduction. For many women, fear of our periods, fear of getting pregnant, not finding the right spouse at the right time. All of the judgements and restrictions our parents lived with. For men, my clients have shared with me, it showed up as fear of choosing the wrong woman, fear of not being a good dad. Fear of not knowing how to be a good partner, spouse, etc.

And fertility got mixed up in all of that as the bad guy. As the culprit to crimes of passion and failed birth control. the culprit that messed up a life or hijacked dreams and plans. The MONSTER that denied so many desperate people the opportunity to create beautiful bundles of joy. From there, all that fear can come up and make you think fertility is a big bad monster. When this happens, yes, it’s easy to then shut down all the other powerful and beautiful ways fertility can bless your life.

The next task is defining the actions that will work for you with using Fertility Energy

We have to step back and see the cycles or things happening in our lives where fertility may be blocked. Then the task is to figure out the best ways to address the fears and tune into your own personal energy, fertility and all. To live intentionally and purposefully. Fearing something can cause a never ending loop of the fear recycling in your life and wreaking havoc.

You have to be willing to identify where the fear is sitting, how it is showing up. The best way to tackle fear, is the same way we eat. One bite at a time. Look within and see if you can determine where it started. Why it started. From there, also look at who may have been or be involved in the fear cycles, the root causes. You can do this by yourself or with a healer, coach, fertility specialist, doctor, etc.

I simply say, decide who and what to work with based on where you are in your journey and based on what resonates for you. This is why a fertility specialist can work for one person, an herbalist for another person, a hypnotherapist for yet another person.

If you are here, I suspect that you’ve figured out that maybe the metaphysical aspects should now be included in your journey. Yaaay, and happy to have you. Welcome!

Fertility is beautiful, divine, powerful.

So, if you aren’t ready to conceive, it’s nowhere on your radar, or you have dealt with fertility struggle or loss, it’s all good. Lets talk about a few ways you can utilize this energy to more powerfully and fully cultivate the life you want, without worrying about procreating right now.

If we think of fertility as the basis of life, then from this place it is can be easier (not always fun), to process through any fears you have associated with the word or the experience. It can become easier to shift from the fist clenching, no, no, “no I am not having a child” space, or the sadness or “I’ll never have a child” to YES!! Let’s get some shit popping 🙂 space.

How can I say this so frankly? Because I can see it from both sides. You’re talking to a woman who was deathly afraid of dealing with fertility issues after experiencing multiple pregnancy losses. I would have a visceral, angry reaction anytime my fear came up. Whew chile!!!!

But over the years, I worked to feel my way through, one moment at a time. And found that as I was able to separate my personal pain from the concept of fertility as a whole. literally everything changed. then, I tried it with clients. Eureka!! I legit realized that it was a powerful space to be in for women, and men for that matter, to be able to embrace and use the energy of fertility, without tying it solely into the fears, pain and experiences of parenthood and childbirth.

After you decide which route(s), you’re ready to pursue or experience, I always suggest starting with a journal. Whether it be written, audio or visual, your comfort and transparency is what is most needed. So go with what works best for you. Figure out based on what you’ve seen or heard, what are you interested in. Write that list and then play with it. Experiment, have fun, be adventurous. The point in simple terms, is to move beyond the fear and shift the way you relate and engage with fertility and it’s energy. Say it with me, Fertility is beautiful, divine, powerful. 

Unakite, a crystal for fertility

Be intentional. Be purposeful. Be powerful.

Because you are. You are everything you need to be, and you truly can create the desires of your heart. Using the energy of fertility is just one of the ways you can do so. If you are like me and love affirmation, keep repeating it to yourself, Fertility is beautiful, divine, powerful.

Some of my crystal recommendations to help with fertility and fertility energy include but are not limited to…

For support with divining into more feminine energy, supporting fertility, the lower chakras in healing…
Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Red Adventurine, Citrine, Rainbow Fluorite, Moonstone, Garnet, Unakite, Jade, Yellow Quartz, Agate

For supporting in divining into more masculine energy, balancing harmones, and co-creating procreative energy with a masculine partner…
Smokey Quartz, Bloodstone, Black Obsidian, Stromatolite, Selenite


Our clients also love our yoni steam/tea blend. I personally steam as I feel led to, and drink a warm cup of tea from the blend at least once or twice a month. (Please be sure to check with your doctors or health practitioners. All ingredients are natural herbs, however it is best practice to work with your doctor when trying anything new).


P.S. We’re still brainstorming on names for the steam/tea. If you suggest a name we like and decide to use, we’ll send you a bag to use and enjoy. Pop your ideas in the comments and let’s have some fun!

Go ahead and grab your goodies today and stir up some creative flow for yourself. You know you wanna 🙂

If you already know you are ready to work together with Jasmine and co-create some spiritual magick and fertility energy in your life, grab your session or package here.

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