As black women we have to speak up concerning our health

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As black women we have to speak up concerning our health


Speaking Up About Our Health

Had a conversation with a doula client on why we as black women have to be so intentional and forceful in speaking up in our medical health journey.
Because during the birth, we had to speak up. Even though the nurses were well meaning and overall great. There was a noticeable gap in them helping to actively manage her pain.
Even medical professionals who are well meaning, often have unconscious bias, assumptions, and inherent family teaching that makes them see us differently.
We’re supposed to be strong, we’re supposed to be able habdle more pain. We’re supposed to…. and its always something harmful to us.
So we have to ask for more pain meds. We have to ask for interventions. We have to get “attitudes” and get badass and go off!
Because when we don’t, it can result in us not making it home. It can result in our babies not making it home. Or, unnecessary interventions. Or unnecessary complications.
So we have to advocate. We have to speak up.


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