Do you feel guilty for charging higher prices, because everyone can’t afford you?

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Do you feel guilty for charging higher prices, because everyone can’t afford you?

One of the most frequent questions I get asked as a healer/coach, a professional in the spiritual arena is this…
}}”Do you feel guilty for charging higher prices, because everyone can’t afford you?” Or some variation of that. {{
Honestly, I used to. I held a lot of guilt and held myself, my life and my business back for a LONG time. I felt bad, horrible really, for charging at all.
After all, I was using my spiritual gifts. And they were given to me free, right?
I, like every single person I know, has studied, had trials & challenges, maybe even pursued education, or mentored with someone(s) to hone and strengthen said gifts. We spend time, energy and money growing those gifts. Not to mention the straight damn pain and suffering some have endured being ridiculed, rejected, ostracized, hurt and harmed in so many ways.
So whether you’re talking Spiritually, Mentally or Naturally the gifts are never “free”.
That being said, I chose to do my own healing work around money and I still do. I face it, feel it and grow through it.
And I listen. When Spirit decides I need to be a blessing to someone and I get that nudge, I listen. I have given free sessions, gifts, money, time, etc for a long time. Way more than I’ll probably ever talk abt publicly. But that doesn’t mean I need to be a fool or doormat for people who just don’t value my services.
Because often, I’ve found that’s what it is that has people say that they can’t afford something. Its the lack of understanding how it might be beneficial to them, or, why it is or should be valuable to them.
Now, sometimes that might be through lack of clarity in messaging and content. But I’ve found that even when I have no idea what the fuck I wanna say, when I just show up and I’m myself, the people who want to work with me, do.
Because there’s a connection. They are drawn to me. They know, I’m the person they’ve been looking for. And they want to be near me, connect with me, work with me in whatever capacity I have available.
But those who can’t or are not ready to see the value, will say no, I cant afford it.
And yeah, I used to feel guilty abt that too. Until I realized a couple things. 1. It’s not my job to feel bad because someone cant work with me. 2. If a person isn’t ready, dont force it. Because even if you discount the price and give it to them free, they won’t be consistent or invested in doing the work for themselves. And they’ll just find another excuse.
Social media actually helped me with seeing that a lot more clearly.
Because as an example, let’s say someone asks me about my pricing… they give me all the reasons why… my car has to be fixed, I can’t spend that much, I have too many other bills, etc…
Then i see them post abt an amazing trip to Hawaii they just spurged and did. Or every other week they have a gorgeous set of new shiny nails. Or their beard game is strong and the barber keeps them tight. You get the point..?
What they are really saying is… I’m not ready to commit to that work. Im not ready to spend money on healing or digging deep into my fears or issues. I’m not ready to face myself or my issues. Or, you’re just not the right fit for me.
They want to focus on the pretty and shiny things. The glass of wine or 3 every night before bed every night. The expensive dinners with friends. The girls of boys trips. The fancy name brand, designer purses and couture. The imagery that they project.
A lot of people are more focused on living the pretty life, than actually being healthy and happy.
Because literally some are one less dinner or purse or suit purchase away from affording you. But they don’t want to reorganize their money priority.
And when I realized that, everything changed for me. I no longer held myself hostage to someone elses trauma. Its not my job to feel bad because they want to stay in pain. Let them.
My sole job is to be the greatest I’m here to be. And to help the people who are ready.
That’s it. That’s all.
So if you’ve been struggling in your business because you’re chasing people that aren’t ready, then STOP!!!
Those that are for you and are ready, dont have to be convinced or cajoled. They are excited and putting the effort in to get to you.
So show up. Be seen. Share your message. And support those who are ready for your help.


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