Healing & Being Grounded at the end of the Year

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Healing & Being Grounded at the end of the Year

Healing & Being Grounded at the end of the Year

Healing is an ongoing experience and has its natural ebbs and flows. However the end of the year is a hard time for a lot of people. For various reasons and different degrees of difficulty. I work with my personal clients who need the extra support on creating an emotional tool box to pull from and felt like I should share it with you all. The end of the year can produce challenging times. Whether extra anxiety, deeper depression, more stress and loneliness that feels deeper than at other times.

Whether its due to the seasons and weather changing, not being with loved ones, financial stress or something else, being prepared can be a game changer and help you to create more ease and relief.


You must learn to be aware of any normal patterns that you have. Do you start sleeping more or less? Spending more money? More emotional eating? Lashing out at your friends and loved ones? Do you isolate yourself or start hounding everyone to spend time with you? What extremes and patterns show up in your life? Take notice of the things that reoccur in your life every year at this same time. And especially right now because we are ending another decade!

Those who are more spiritually and energetically tuned in feel a lot of the changes and shifts happening. So, my first tip is always…


Tuck into your own safe space and allow yourself whatever breathing space you need.

Most often I hear people saying that they have to be there for another person. And guess what, I’m guilty of that too, lol. However, your breaking point, should not be your place of normal! So, you may need to reassess what and how you give to others, and reroute some or all of that energy back into self for a while.


As you determine what you need and how much you may have left for others, you are always first priority. That means being OK with the word NO. NO is a whole sentence and needs no explanation. Stop apologizing for taking care of yourself. Stop apologizing for needing help, we all need help. We all need each other. However boundaries are a necessary tool we must all implement in order to have a healthy relationship with anyone. And if you know any of my teaching, I say that EVERYTHING IS RELATIONSHIP. You owe no one, more than you owe yourself.


Making that a truth and paradigm in your life is life changing. As simple as it sounds, most of us struggle with actually allowing it to be true for ourselves. Sit with it, allow it to manifest deep in your soul and come out through the changes you need to make, to have self at the top of the list.

My parents and caregivers always argue with me. And I explain it this way… you cant give your child the best of anything if you are in hospital bed or a grave. So taking care of you is NECESSARY in order to be the best parent or caregiver for your children. Taking care of you is necessary in order to have a healthy relationship with anyone!


After you establish better boundaries, take some time to really look within and see what your soul and spirit are telling you is needed. What are you craving emotionally, mentally and spiritually? Do you need to release some things? Open up to new things? Connect with people around surrender to some quiet time? There is no right or wrong way, only the way that feels best and works in the safest ways to you. You are directly connected to source, to your higher and divine self. That is enough. YOU ARE ENOUGH. Understanding and accepting that will go a long way to helping you in your healing journey. Especially when seasonal or end of year anxiety or depression can flare up and knock you off balance.


Again, there is no right or wrong way to heal, only the way that best supports you. Whether it be working with crystals, counseling, coaching, tapping, meditation, exercising, journaling, singing, dancing, spiritual rituals,etc… Play around and experiment, find what brings you release. Find the things that bring you joy. Mix & match a few things together to create your personalized healing journey.

Healing is personal, intimate, and you are quite capable of discerning what you need and doing it.

Trust yourself, and release the need to let others judgement and opinions dictate for you. Movement can be your best friend when you feel stagnant or overwhelmed. Tag your friends in when you need to, and give yourself space when you need to. You get to determine what is best for you. 


If you know me, I LOVE crystals, lol! And over the last few years I have taken them from being simply a part of my personal journey, and made them an integral part of the HealingOne business. I’ll share with you a few of my favorites for end of the year support. 


One of my absolute favorites!!!! A must have for anyone needing to work on some sacral/ 2nd chakra work. A powerful mood lifter, sexual energy support and helpful with communication in relationships. Jump on over to the store and grab some carnelian here.


Another favorite that I work with daily. An awesome addition to your healing work to help bring in more light, relieve pain and release burdens. Helpful with healing communication issues in relationships and strengthening connections. I personally use it to help with my personal and spiritual boundary work. Add to your collection and pick up some selenite here.

Rose Quartz…
This is a crystal that I recommend to both men and women. Called the stone of love, it is an ultimate healer for anything you need help with. When we tune into our self-love and nurturing ourselves, it is a boost to any situation. Helpful for dealing with anger, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, sleep issues and so much more. If you are having struggles with creating a healthy relationship with yourself or others this is a great piece to tag in. Grab some rose quartz here and rev up your healing journey.

Fire Quartz…
This lil crystal is a badass that doesn’t get talked about enough. Just as powerful as clear quartz, it can act as a magnifier. Useful with increasing energetic and physical energy. I personally use it to help me burn off energy I don’t need and to give me stamina when doing events. Also very powerful with spiritual ritual work and manifestation spells. Grab some fire quartz and supercharge your healing work. 

Rough Black Amber…
Technically not a stone or crystal, it is actually a dried tree sap, however a powerful addition to any of your healing rituals or work. I particularly love to use it working with my crystal grids and protection work for my home and space. I keep some on my desk and in my protection grids. It’s also great for helping with to create more ease and calm emotionally and in your physical environment. Jump on over and add some rough black amber to your crystal goodies. 


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