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Sex. Intimacy. Power

I Am HealingOne Presents: Sex. Intimacy. Power. 

I Am HealingOne is teaming up with 5 other healers to bring you our newest seminar: Sex. Intimacy. Power. We are bringing together a panel of 6 healers, each with their own unique perspective on healing and sensuality. The panel consists of men and women, so you will receive unbiased information from all parties. 

What is the seminar about?

The Sex. Intimacy. Power. seminar covers multiple perspectives on healing. All 6 healers on the panel specialize in a slightly different aspect of the healing process. Womb Healing is one area that they all focus on. Each healer has knowledge of or has coached their clients through this specific type of healing. Click here to read our Blog about Womb Healing

Who should attend? 

You may think that since the seminar is focused on womb healing, that it would be geared toward women. But that is simply not the case. Rather, Men and women alike will benefit from this seminar. As a woman, will learn all about how to heal your womb and purge any lingering toxins or negativity you’re holding within. As a man, this seminar will provide you with information on how to support your woman through her journey. The end goal is to create a happier, healthier relationship between two individuals. That takes work on both sides. It will ultimately lead to better sex, deeper intimacy and a more powerful relationship. 

When is the seminar? 

November 22nd, 2019 at 1pm CST Live via Zoom and broadcast on Facebook

How can I attend the Sex. Intimacy. Power. Seminar? Who is on the Panel?

This seminar will be broadcast Live on Facebook. Just register, For Free, and join our private Facebook group. In addition, 5 lucky people will be put in the Hot Spot Seats- asking questions and participating in discussions live with the panel! You’ll get your questions answered for your specific relationships and get laser coaching on the spot. You will need to sign up separately to Win the Hot Seats. Register Below!

How do I sign up for the Hot Spot Seat?

Each Panel member has a Hot Seat to fill. Click on the name of the Host of the Hot Seat you would like to win.

Jasmine’s Seat      |      Jay’s Seat    |      MiLinya’s Seat     |      Tashia’s Seat       |     Contessa’s Seat      

The winner will be emailed November 11th via email!

Who is on the Panel?

Our 6 Healers are:

Jasmine / The HealingOne
Priestess Contessa Louise
MiLinya Monet
Sevfen Sevante
Jay English
Tashia Ariel

If you want to learn more information on the Panel members, Check out our Meet the Panel Blog. The blog has links to each healers website and social media accounts.



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