Working with Crystals in 7 Easy Steps

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Working with Crystals in 7 Easy Steps

How to Work With Crystals in 7 easy steps

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I get asked all the time, How do I get started working with Crystals?  So in this article, I’ll break it down for you in 7 easy steps.

1. So start with an open mind.

There are thousands of crystals, so let go of the notion that you need to own or have access to all of them.  Be reasonable and understand that there is no one right way to work with crystals and it may take you time to get comfortable. Then write down a quick list for yourself including…
What you want to work on or accomplish with your crystals.
How you want to use them (wear them, yoni eggs, waistbeads, loose crystals to hold or grid, etc).
What is the budget you want to spend on your crystals to get started.
How often do you plan on working with them, daily weekly, etc.

2. Start browsing

Take your time and don’t feel like you have to rush. Whether online or in person, you are energy and so are crystals. So that means they can speak to you energetically and you may feel drawn to certain ones over others. And that’s okay. I want you to remember, crystals are personal, so what works for one may not work as well or as vibrantly for you. It’s all about experimenting and seeing what feels good to you. If you’re online shopping, take a minute to close your eyes and see what you feel about the crystal you’re checking out. If you’re in person, hold them in your hands one by one, close your eyes if you need to. Don’t rush yourself, give yourself time to see what you feel energetically, physically and even emotionally. If you would like a list of our top 5 favorite crystals, check out our blog here. And if you’re ready to begin browsing, check out our online store


3. Don’t force yourself to do what doesn’t feel good

By that I mean, if someone recommends something and you try it but it doesn’t resonate, don’t force it. Give that a break and try something else. You can always go back and try it again at a later time, but don’t throw money at a problem thinking that will fix it.

So an example could be you spent $50 on crystals. You played with them, and didn’t feel anything. Don’t go break your budget and spend more money, only to get upset that you’re wasting money. Instead, set a regiment to work with your crystals for a set number of days, let’s say 30 days. Each day choose which ones you’ll work with and how you want to use them. Note an changes you notice and how you are feeling. If after that 30 days you feel you didn’t see anything, don’t feel like there’s something wrong with you, or you have to go spend more time and money. Stop, take a break and do something else that you know works for you in your healing journey. Work on opening your energy a bit more, release any resistance or disbelief you may be holding against the crystals, and then pick them up and try again when you’re ready. Sometimes it just takes a while, and that’s okay. 


4. Keep your momentum going

After you’ve gathered some crystals and gotten to the place where you can feel the energy and see changes, no matter how small or simple, build on that. I tell my clients all the time, healing is a journey. It’s not a race and you get to create it on your terms. Crystals are the same way. Figure out how you best connect with them and use that to keep building. So if that be through wearing them in jewelry, yoni eggs, waistbeads, or holding them in your hands, keeping them around the house or creating crystal grids, it all works.


5. Get comfortable and create your own personal daily routine

Tune in daily and notice any changes, any stretching in your mindset or paradigms, any shifts in how you handle things and respond to life. Celebrate them all, big or small! Tune into the physical changes and energetic sensations you may feel. It all makes a difference. Add in the things that support you emotionally and spiritually. Prayer, Meditation, Yoga, EFT Tapping, Akasha work, Mindfulness, Energy Scanning, Muscle Testing, Exercise, Working with a Partner or Spiritual Mentor, Sex Magic, etc… you can use crystals in all of that.  

6. Take breaks when you need to

Once you’ve gotten comfortable working with crystals and developing your own routine, take time to rest like you would with anything else. Energy needs time to reset, settle and do what it needs to do for you. So yes, stay focused on get into a routine, get comfortable with it and see changes. This will help you stay encouraged in the process. However after that, step away when you need to. Keep them around and know that they are working for you even when you are taking breaks, or working on something else. Most importantly, if you are really intent on working with crystals, don’t get discouraged. Step away and refocus, release resistance and know that in your own timing, you’ll get the results and changes you want in working with your crystals.

7. Remember to cleanse and charge them regularly

Think of your crystals as energy containers, so the more frequently you use them, the more frequently you should cleanse them, and charge them. Now what is cleansing? Taking the time to spiritually release any stored up energy in them. What is charging? Taking time to set your intention and telling your crystal what you want it to do. When you first get your crystals is a great to do this, cleanse and charge them. And then you can set your own routine, based on usage. Weekly, monthly, and especially after any heavy emotional exchanges. If you’re wearing waistbeads, you can just do it regularly in your shower or bathe time. The water naturally cleanses them and you can just reset your intentions periodically. With yoni eggs, make sure to disinfect them regularly and cleanse after each use. 


I hope that this mini crystal guide has helped you ready to thoroughly enjoy your personal crystal journey, and if you’ve already gotten started, may it help you with clarity. Feel free to reach out and connect with me as you move forward in your crystal journey, I’m here to support you. 


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