Top 5 Crystals FAQ

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Top 5 Crystals FAQ

Top 5 Crystals FAQ

Clients often ask me what my favorite crystals are. That question can be difficult to answer for a few reasons. First, I have so many crystals that I love to work with that it is hard to choose only 5. Next is that my 5 favorite crystals change based on my mood, things that I am struggling with, and even the time of year. But If I had to narrow it down and choose the 5 I recommend and work the most, they would be the ones listed below. Also keep in mind that just because I have had the most success with these five, doesn’t mean that you will. Crystals are energy and so are you. They are personal and it will take time to find the ones that you connect best with. 

1. Selenite

Selenite is a stone of protection. It brings good luck and tranquility and is amazing for all types of spiritual work. This crystal is associated with the spine and skeletal system. You can benefit from Selenite if you need more positive thinking and happiness in your home. Put it in a dish on your nightstand for renewed energy all throughout the room. Click the photo above to see all the different types of selenite we have to offer. 

2. Rhodonite

Rhodonite is great for emotional healing. It is often called the stone of compassion because it helps bring serenity to your home. This crystal has the ability to help you reach your highest potential. You can benefit from Rhodonite if you deal with anxiety and panic disorders. Use it in your meditation or yoga practices for a calming effect. 

3. Fluorite

Fluorite is an amazing stone to keep on your desk at home or at work. It is a learning aid because it helps with concentration. It is known to relieve stress and hone in your decision making skills. Also, it improves balance and coordination, both mentally and physically.  Pick up some Fluorite from our store here

4. Rose Quartz 

Known as “the stone of the heart”, Rose Quartz is my personal favorite. Use it to bring forth compassion and peace, as well as healing and comfort. Rose Quartz can help you rid any jealousy, resentment and anger you are harboring. It is used to attract love. Rose Quartz is a great stone to add to your waist beads or to wear on a necklace. Check out our online store and pick up your Rose Quartz today! 

5. Carnelian 

Carnelian is a great stone for women who are looking for an increase in sexual intimacy or libido! While it is very femenine, there is a crystal that will produce the same increase in libido for men- Malachite. But for women, Carnelian is very feminine and a great product to have. It’s main purpose is psychological protection. It helps calm fears about death and uncertainty, while harmonizing you with the environment around you. It helps with insomnia and energizes the space around it.  If you are dealing with any fears about the future, grab some Carnelian here and see how it can bring you peace.


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