Will you choose your family, or yourself?

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Will you choose your family, or yourself?

Will you choose your family or yourself?

I recently had a friend ask me…
“when did you truly find your peace & actually heal?”

I asked them were they ready for the honest no filter answer and they said yep so I went for the throat lol!


Straight up, no chaser, and hurt like hell, but my soul deep wounds finally started healing when I packed up and left everything and everyone I knew!

My own family has lied on me the most. I’m talking about lies concerning my grandmother, lies concerning other family members. Lies about money. Shit that happened when I was a CHILD, that was said to other family members and made me look like the devils spawn.

It takes a truly broken person, to lie on a child. To make up stuff, badmouth and blame a child for things going wrong.

I actually punished myself, and never let myself get married until I was 38 years old, because of lies about me and said to me, when I was 11 years old.

Lies told on me when I was 30 years old, affect me even still today. A family member prevented me from actually speaking to my grandmother, the last 3 weeks of her life. And I’ve not spoken to them or others since the day we put her in the ground and cleaned her house out. Anyone who truly knows me knows my Grammy was EVERYTHING to me. So I don’t have to tell you how that hurt.

And that’s just my moms side. Let’s not even talk about the dad side. Lol, a fucking mess. And I was the common denominator. So I thought everything they said was right. Everything they did was right.

And God/Spirit had to do some real intervention type stuff to reach me in all the pain and wounds I was lost in. Random strangers had to walk up to me on the street and give me messages. The same messages on repeat for years, before I finally believed it and understood that I wasn’t the problem and I wasn’t to blame.

Will you choose your family or yourself?

Will you choose your family or yourself?

It’s not an easy thing to walk away from family.
Its gut wrenching sometimes. However, sometimes its necessary to save yourself.

Why am I sharing this?

Because DAILY I have a client crying and pouring their heart out about how family has done them wrong. Have lied on them or to them. Cheated them, abused them, rejected them, etc. And when I tell them, spirit literally just saved your life, they can’t process it.

Yet, after it sits and begins to filter in, they come back and tell me they get it.

Sometimes your family isn’t here for your lifetime. They help create you and get you here. And that’s it. Because if they haven’t done their own healing and they still operate in pain and brokenness, there’s nothing they can give you but more pain.

And you’ll find yourself having to choose, them or you?

I struggled with that choice for years! Because I kept trying. I tried to hide my pain, smile it away. I was DESPERATE for my family to love me.

And maybe some of them do. But they were drowned out by the ones who were lying, attacking me and using their own pain to justify.

So my hope is this post reaches at least one person. And breaks through the fog. Starts to make you think, ask questions, trigger some healing on a deeper level.

Because your life is waiting for you.
It may cost you the family you don’t even really have, but it’ll break you free to get out there and actually start living!


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