Crystals that help you create a big bang in your life!

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Crystals that help you create a big bang in your life!

I get asked all the time, what crystals am I working with? And honestly, it changes all the time too, lol!
It depends on what I’m working on, what’s happening around me, what I’m working on healing, etc…

However I do also have a few staples that I tend to stick with consistently and use in my daily routines. So I’ll share some with you that I absolutely adore, and I’m sure they’ll be amazing for you as well 🙂

Most of the time when people ask me which crystals and stones I’m using, they want to know what they can use that is gonna create some quick and powerful change\s? A big bang either in their love life, money and finances or even health wise like pain relief.



Selenite Towers

Selenite Mini Towers

I absolutely LOOOOOOVE my selenite pieces and keep them close with me. One piece in particular, is a long stick piece I have that is about 2 feet, and keep it on the bed. It helps me to rest better, honestly has helped relieve physical pain in my hip and low back and I use it to help me balance my energy when needed. An all around great staple to have in your crystal collection and is powerful to aid for so many different issues and challenges. Grab yours here!



Fire Quartz

Fire Quartz

Tumbled Fire Quartz

Fire quartz i use religiously and it’s another staple piece for me. I keep it in my pockets when I’m doing events, when I need a physical energy boost, or when I am feeling a bit run down and need a quick recharge. It’s often used in my crystal grids and I enjoy holding it when I am tapping or working on affirmations or my own personal healing mediations and energy healings. Grab some for your collection here!


Rose Quartz

Tumbled Rose Quartz

Tumbled Rose Quartz

Anybody that knows me knows that I am a huge fan of rose quartz! I exchange so much energy with clients and loved ones. As an introvert I can end up feeling depleted sometimes. So for me, making sure I’m harnessing love on every level and as much as I can in my own energy space is important. I keep it in the bedroom, on my desk, sometimes in my pocket. It’s often in my Jewelry pieces, I have a beaded necklace that was my Grammy’s. Another staple for my crystal grids as well, and i love to infuse my drinking water with it. Add some rose quartz and spice up your love life!

I’ve gotta run out but I’ll come back and add a few more of my staple pieces so you can grab some and get your next level of living on!:)

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