HealingOne call line is LIVE!!

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HealingOne call line is LIVE!!

OMG!!!! We did it, we got the call line LIVE!!!

Say whaaaaaaaaaaat! Yup,lol! We are officially cool kids now.

So here are the basic deets…

We are testing availability and scheduling so right now you can call at any time.Simply hop on over to our CALL LINE PAGE for more in depth information and click the green button to get started creating your member account to call us, or you can call us at 1-808-400-1124 and get setup by phone.


1. How do I get started and try out your line?
You can click the green button on our call line page and this will take you to an advisor page. There you can read about that advisor and services offered. And when you’re ready, you’ll see the same green button, just click it and it will take you to the sign up page to get started creating your free member account and adding funds for your first call. OR you can call 1-808-400-1124 and get setup by phone. Easy peasy! 🙂

2. How much is it?
Your first call is $0.99 per minute and after that your calls will be $1.99 per minute or whatever the current rate is.

3. Can I set my own budget?
YES! That’s why we are setting up the call line. This is for all of our amazing clients and want to be clients who can’t necessarily do a full length coaching session or join our membership group due to finances. YOU get to determine how long you talk on your calls, so you have absolute control over your budget.

4. Can I call back as much as I want?
Absolutely! You can call in as much as you want and even when you are in a call, you can extend your time if you want to.

5. Are the calls recorded?
NO. We respect your privacy and strive to create a confidential and safe space, so calls will not be recorded.

6. Can I ask about my upcoming court case?
NO. We are not legal or medical professionals so we do not answer legal, health or medically related questions. Please refer to your lawyer or medical professionals for that type of advice and support.

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