Choosing the best spiritual coach or healer for yourself…

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Choosing the best spiritual coach or healer for yourself…

Life is full of ups and downs. Twists and turns. And plenty of unexpected moments!

Yet, when you embrace your personal healing journey and build a support system for yourself, the chaos of life doesnt have to get the best of you.

We all have crazy moments where we want to give up. Moments of heaviness that make us question if things or people are really worth it.

The upside down moments that make us loose our minds and have an all out tantrum. Yeah I admit it, I still have tantrums.

The thing is, every moment can have a blessing and a lesson. There can be beauty found in just about anything. It’s all about perspective.

Your perspective is the key. How you view things. How you take in the experience. The people you surround yourself with. It all matters.

And honestly, it should be intentional. Life isn’t some one night stand you can haphazardly discard or an ugly plant that died that you can just throw away.

It’s a beautiful gift, to be cherished and taken care of. To be honored and shared with those you love.

And choosing who you allow into your healing journey is just as serious and powerful as who you choose as your bestfriend or your spouse.

You need to trust them. You need to create chemistry with them. You need to feel safe allowing them into the most intimate places in your mind and spirit at times.

You can’t choose a healer or coach based on whether they offer a sale price or if you like their branding colors or slogan.

What does their energy feel like?
What does their consistent body of work say?
Are they sharing fluffy and feel good stories or are they sharing parts of themselves so you can get to know them?
Do they share a message that resonates in your soul?
Can they share with you the ways they can support you?
Do they have great education but no real life experience?
Can they see past theory, to seeing you as a flesh and blood person?

It’s not about whether they are highly/luxury priced or the lowest biz on the block.

It’s about how you feel when you talk with them…
Do you feel safe?
Do you feel you can let your guard down?
Do they offer a viewpoint that aligns with yours and helps you feel at ease?

Think on it…
And I don’t mean think on it and choose me.

And choose the healer or coach that resonates with your soul and spirit. Because feeling safe with them is just as important as whatever education, experience or great content they will bring to the table.

And if I’m the one for you,
Let’s date and have a couple of sessions and get you some deeper going going.

And if I’m not the one for you, keep looking, they’re out there. Don’t settle. Don’t shortchange yourself just because someone glitters on social media or has a low price. And don’t jump on it because they charge so much you think they have to be the best.

Choose wisely and make the best decision for yourself. Because you are worthy of choosing the right person who will help you accomplish your needs in your healing journey.


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