Aren’t you tired of struggling to live?

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Aren’t you tired of struggling to live?

I originally shared this on my facebook page and then felt like I need to dig a little bit more into it here on the blog…

I was watching TV & heard a black woman say she doesn’t have time for a vacation because she’s from the projects. She gotta hustle!

Now trust me I’m all about elevating and doing better for yourself. I’m all about wealth. I’m all about helping others come up.

But the more I dig into my wounds as a black woman, I realize so many of us have done it the harder way for so long, we can’t appreciate or understand when someone does it simpler, easier or quicker.

We think, something must be wrong. It’s a fluke.

Because that was me for so loooooooong!

The more healing work I do, the more I dig into the wounds from childhood, the more I see how much I bought the lie.

The lie that says everything has to be hard. Gotta constantly hustle and grind. Gotta constantly be moving and shaking.

At least for me.

I cant tell you what’s true for you. But what I can say is this, the more I breath into the space of divine flow, ease, and joyfully creating the opportunities I want, the more I’m seeing that become my truth.

Im not saying everything is a bed of roses all the time, but it definitely doesnt have to be like swallowing lemons every day either.

Life, being a woman of color ain’t always easy. But I’m choosing to release the need to struggle and open more to the magical and beautiful moments that life truly wants to give me.

Aren’t you ready to release the need to struggle?


This is the question that I find myself asking all the time. To myself and to others. Because, the reality is, many of us have done it the harder way, simply because we couldn’t believe that the easier way was real and would work for us.

Whether is the pain and suffering of our ancestors that have been passed down in our DNA and genetic coding (because I believe it is), or simply because it’s what you heard and saw at home growing up. Many of us, especially black women I think, have struggled, survived and fought our way trauma and pain. That struggle and need to survive has kept us in FIGHT MODE for so long that maybe we don’t know how to do anything the easy way?

Let me speak for me…

I can look back at my life and see many times the words and lessons I am now embodying were shared with me.. but my young mind was already so riddled with memories and echoes of pain that the words of ease felt foreign to me. I heard them, but didn’t hear them. Every once in a while, someone sharing something simple and powerful and me dismissing it.

Oh how I truly wish, I’d been able to listen and take it all in back then…so much could have been avoided. However, can’t cry over spilled milk, so now I embody it as I am able to and I share it all with you amazing souls that I am blessed to connect with. And let me clue you in on this… the thing that has helped me most to shift and find more ease in my life is this…


I had to work on forgiving all the people around me who were so angry and broken and poured it into me. They were literally only doing what they knew to do… surviving. A person can’t give you what they don’t have or don’t know that they have. I had to forgive my parent, family and friends. And most of all, I had to forgive myself. And it’s an ongoing journey. You don’t wake up and have it all figured out. It’s a daily journey of living, loving, learning and growing. Take it at your own pace and create the healing journey that resonates and works best for you.

So I ask you, beautiful black woman, how can you shift into more ease and flow?

How can you shift into the divine order of the goodness meant for you? And if you were like me, how can you get out of fight/beast mode and enjoy more life by simply allowing more goodness to come and and work or you? Trust me, it’s worth it to ask yourself these questions, because finding your sweet spot in your healing journey is truly priceless!

And for anyone else reading this blog post, no matter where you’re from or what you look like, how can you shift and open yourself to the simple principle that life truly does want to bless you?


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