YES to the Divine!! And progress!

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YES to the Divine!! And progress!

I didn’t set a word or really even an intention yet for this year 2019. I felt more called to simply being intentional each day. To focus in on whatever guidance I’m receiving and follow it to the best of my ability.

And this far, I’m proud of me as I’m doing it.
The last few years I have focused on expanding my business and reaching more people. And you know what, even in spite of all the crap and uphill battles I had to deal with… I did it! I’m doing it!

I’ve been blessed to work with clients in different continents and countries. To work will many nationalities and cultures.

I even recently had the pleasure of working with my first transgender client. And I was nervous as hell because I’m not as knowledgeable on the intricacies. But I simply showed up as me. And it was enough. They felt supported, seen and heard.


One of the main things I wanted to do in 2017 was get my physical location opened. The car accident halted that progress. But I’m finally picking up the pace and getting on track again.

2018 for me was tearing down, releasing, destroying, cleansing, disrupting….

2019 is for me RECOMPENSE!
I’ve been hearing it since December. I repeat it daily.

And its happening! Every step is adding up in my renewal, rebirth, growth, expansion!

And I just took another huge step today and launched the HealingOne online store!

All of my products in one place. FINALLY! So here’s to growth and expansion!!

One step closer to opening my physical location. One step closer in reaching and helping more people consistently!

Another item checked off my list of things to do.

And honestly, opening an online store isn’t necessarily hard. However there are ways to do things with ease and flow and there are ways to do them with challenge and struggle.

I waited to start my online store, to get things lined up. To have plenty of products and inventory consistently available. To have the time and energy to commit to great customer service in a spirit of excellence I believe my clients are worthy of.

I know, most of the people I know wont buy from me. And it’s all good because most of them aren’t my soul-mate people.

But this is huge for me because its put me in position to reach more people, AND, accomplish another business goal of continuing to put better automation in place. What that means for me is less stress, more ease, more family time and creating a business foundation that is stronger, and can last for generations to come. I am here to create a GENERATIONAL LEGACY, not just to pay bills and die.


What can you celebrate for yourself today? Share in the comments and I’ll celebrate you with you! 🙂


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