FORGIVENESS… Using it to help your healing journey and release emotional weights.

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FORGIVENESS… Using it to help your healing journey and release emotional weights.

If you have been connected with me for any length of time, you already know, FORGIVENESS IS MY JAM!
I mean it really is, lol! It has been a large par of my own personal journey as a human being, and professionally I have worked with almost every single client I’ve had over the last 20 years at some point on forgiveness.


So, back on track, Forgiveness is so powerful for me and to me, because I see it as an integral part of my existence. I need to forgive, not for other people, but for me. It helps me own my personal power and release things that don’t serve my best good. Now, don’t get it twisted, it ain’t easy all the time. LOL! I have my struggles with it too. However, I always find a way to reset myself and get back to what I know works, FORGIVENESS.

What does forgiveness look like for me?

For me, its not a one size or way that it shows up or works. Sometimes it’s an in my head process where I think back on memories. Sometimes its in my heart and I feel whatever comes up. Sometimes its more external and I may write/journal whatever comes up. Sometimes I do some physical activity to work on actively releasing whatever may be bothering me or causing me pain.  And I share with anyone who will listen, how powerful forgiveness really can be. Its’s not just a word. I see it as an expression of self. The purest and most loving expression of self, for self.

How can you incorporate forgiveness into your healing journey?

It’s not about doing everything that everyone says. It may be bits and pieces of things you pick up from multiple sources that work for you. And I always remind you that Healing is a journey, not a race. Well, so is Forgiveness. You don’t have to force it or yourself to get it done in a certain time or space. Dive in as you are ready. Do what works and feels best for you. Take breaks as you need to. Be mindful of what and how you feel. Be mindful of what you need. Create your space of forgiveness in a way that best serves you and allows you to grow and heal. To feel freedom emotionally, mentally, financially, physically and emotionally.

My latest and most favorite way to work with forgiveness…

One of the ways that I have really been using forgiveness over the last couple of years, has been infusing it with my energy healing. I love it and so do clients! It’s the merging of two of my favorite things and has allowed me and so many others that I get to share it with, to “enjoy” the process of healing, even more. Yes,I said enjoy, lol!  Healing doesn’t have to be scary, painful and overwhelming all the time. It really can be an amazing journey of yourself and really getting to know the deepest and best parts of you. Yes, it’s definitely work, however the work isn’t always back breaking and sweat on your brow.

It’s hard for me to put it in simple words, but for me it’s like taking a swim in a beautiful energy filled water and just allowing myself to release the things I don’t need and that no longer serve my best good. I don’t have to “work” and I can just relax into and it let my spirit and body do what they need to do. And I continue the emotional and mental work when necessary.

We used the powerful energy of the Super Blood Moon and it was even more amazing!

I was talking with my membership group about the upcoming moon on January 20, 2019 and decided to do an impromptu Forgiveness focused, energy healing session. It. Was. POWERFUL!

Immediately afterwards they were already feeling some relief, getting insights and revelations and allowing it to support their healing work. And so was I! I love being in that space, helping my peoples do their work, being the cheerleader and helping to encourage them. And It keeps me inspired and working on my own growth.

I am thankful for what I do, and how I get to connect with other beautiful souls, in this amazing journey of life. It’s a beautiful gift and I see every day as a present. So I seek to live it with as much freedom and joy as I can. Forgiveness truly helps me do that and it may just help you.

If you want to check out the energy healing we did on Sunday, you can go to and see the replay. It’s powerful!


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