Healing Tip… SURRENDER can be your safe space in your healing journey…

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Healing Tip… SURRENDER can be your safe space in your healing journey…

SURRENDERING is really powerful for me in my own HEALING journey.

And I find myself talking about it lately so that’s always a sign for me to take a breath, slow down, and see where I can surrender something in my life.

Sometimes its something I’m stressing over and need to release. Sometimes it’s a past experience that has tried to hijack my emotions. Sometimes it’s a client I want to help but really isn’t a good fit. Sometimes it’s an argument with a loved one.

**It can be anything. And surrendering doesn’t mean giving up or bowing down to a person or thing.**


For me, it’s that beautiful space where I can relax my hands and the strangle hold I might have had on a situation. The reminder that, I’m always loved and supported. That there is something so beautiful, powerful and bigger than me. I’m not here by myself.

It’s the beautiful reminder that I am absolutely capable and perfectly divine. I’m everything I need to be.

So when I take the time to take a step back, and relax… it always has a positive and powerful impact on anything I may be experiencing or working on.


Here are just a few of the many ways that I surrender when I feel the need to…
*I lay down and take a nap (to allow my mind and body to rest)
*I get quiet (sitting in my favorite chair, laying down and daydreaming, going for a walk in nature)
*I journal and write down any intense emotions I’m feeling
*I might pray or get into a space of worship
*I do something fun, by myself or with others, anything that makes me laugh and feel good
*I might vocally speak to myself that it is safe and ok to surrender
*I bake (my peoples LOVE my banana nut bread and my brownies)
*I watch a favorite movie, listen to or read a good book
*I jam out to some beats, music makes me lose control, lol!
*If it’s something specific I’m stressed about I actively find something else to do and release my strangle hold on the thing or person I am stressing about
*Whatever it is I’m stressing or upset about, I try to lean into it… Instead of focusing on fear and anxiety, I take some deep breaths and ask myself “WHAT IF” (my clients love and hate me for this when we do this exercise, lol)… And as I ask what if, I go through different positive possibilities and alternatives and talk myself through them. Instead of running from the thing, I calm down and face it.

I want to leave you with this reminder… THERE IS NO WRONG OR RIGHT WAY TO SURRENDER. It is just as personal as your healing journey and you can navigate it in whatever way and intention feels best for you. Point blank, period. 🙂

Share your thoughts with me, comment and tell me…

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