Selenite & Fire Quartz to help me release 2018 & welcome 2019

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Selenite & Fire Quartz to help me release 2018 & welcome 2019

Selenite & Fire Quartz

I was sitting here wondering what I needed to do for my own new years eve… I knew I didn’t want to go out, but I needed to do something focused on healing to help me release all of the pent up anxiety and stress that 2018 brought with it. 2017 was intense, but 2018, MAN!!!
It definitely knocked me on my butt!

As I checked in with friends, other coaches and healers and with clients, I realized a while back that it wasn’t just me. LOL!  I really had a few moments here and there where I had to question myself. So when I realized it was a massive shift happening in the earth and many of us were feeling it, I knew I literally just had to bunk down and ride it out. Emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Really, on every level, including physically and financially.

So back to new years eve, I knew I needed to do something to help me really sit with and release all of this stuff that had been building up, and at the same time, be able to open myself back up for 2019. So I went to my crystal inventory and was called to the Selenite and Fire Quartz.

I pulled it out and played with them and begin to feel an immediate difference. So they will be making a grand appearance in my healing work on my self tomorrow night. Now, let me also say this… I regularly add in some type of cleansing ritual and work, monthly and sometimes weekly depending on whats going on, however this year has been on a whole different level so I just feel the need to do something more directed and purposeful to bring this year to a close.

I will be specifically doing some writing, which I haven’t done in a bit. Maybe even a fire ritual to help me really get into the act of RELEASING all the stuff from this year. I may also write down some things in my journal on what I want to experience and create for 2019 personally and professionally. I will take a little time to just BE, to sit and just be in the space with my feelings and let them exist as they need to. And I might also do some energetic brushing with my selenite wands.

Specifically I’ll use:
SELENITE to help cleanse and release, to help reset my energy and to help me re-balance my energetic and physical body.
FIRE QUARTZ to help me recharge and rev up my BADASS spitfire energy.

I lost a bit of that spark during 2018, but trust me, it’s coming back lol! So These two together are perfect to help me get recharged and supercharge my healing journey.

Here are some suggestions * ideas to help you create your own new years eve healing space…
*Detoxing shower or bath with some essential oils and or crystals and stones.
*Sitting outside with nature and just simply allowing yourself to reconnect.
*Sage yourself and home or office space to release any pent up and stagnant energy. (You can also use Palo Santo wood).
*Visualization or Meditation to help you reset or balance, or whatever you like to use it for.
*Go for a nice walk or hike to get the blood moving and your physical body shifting energy.
*Journaling to write out what you need to release from this year or what you want to welcome in for the new year.
*FORGIVENESS work is always good, to help come to grips with whatever you’ve experienced this year and let go of the emotional weight of it.
*Pamper me sessions are always great for any occasion, right? 🙂
*Of course gathering with friends or loved ones.
*Gratitude jar (write down on pieces of paper, all of the things you are thankful from this year and fill the jar).
*Affirmation checks on what you want to receive in the new coming year.
*Call and talk to as many people as you can, to tell them how they have helped you create a good memory for the year.
*Fire ceremony… write down what you want to release and then burn it (please use wisdom in this to do it safely).
*EFT tapping to help release and tap in some new intentions and truths for the new year.
*Cleaning and purging your environment is always a great way to release old stagnant energy.

Comment and share with me, what are you going to do for your new years eve and in your healing space?

In Healing,

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