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Being an INTROVERT part 2... comfortable in my own skin - I Am HealingOne

Being an INTROVERT part 2… comfortable in my own skin

Spiritual Healing On Every Level

Being an INTROVERT part 2… comfortable in my own skin

So I’m going to dive right on into the deep end!
For me, being an introvert is so much deeper than just how we socialize, engage with others and protect boundaries.

STOP minimizing it to a simple conscious choice. Its not always that easy.

Is it easy for you to start or stop believing in Jesus?
Or to stop eating your favorite cookies?
Or to stop lashing out at someone because of a past wound?
Or to stop thinking suicidal thoughts?
Or to stop being depressed?
Or to stop being anxious?

None of those things are trivial and to different people they cause varying degrees of struggle.

Being an Introvert isn’t as simple as being shy, being scared, getting better boundaries, learning how to socialize. Or having down time to decompress, or answering questions on a personality test and then saying yup, oh happy day I’m an introvert


I am damn good at what I do. I’m confident and secure.
And there are still times it’s hard for me to “show up”.

From my own perspective, being an introvert as a healer and coach…

For me it affects how I not only recharge, but how I have to engage with people. It actually does make it challenging to get my message out sometimes as a business owner, because I’m not afraid, but the energy it requires is not always available. I have to choose between things I will get done personally and professionally.

It affects how I relate to religion and spirituality. How I connect with clients. How I connect with people period.

These are things I’m realizing more and more, we need to talk about more. Speak up. Be verbal.We can’t expect people to just get it. We have to be just as bold and loud as the extroverted coaches, just in the ways that work for us.

I dont see being an INTROVERT as a curse, bad thing or painful. Its simply part of what creates my journey. I actually think I’m pretty amazing. And I see everyone else as the strange ones, lol!  So I’m being more mindful about it. Speaking up more about it. Not only for myself, but for my clients and anyone who may read my words or hear my voice. And I truly hope and intention that it makes a difference and helps create a shift. 

Share your thoughts with me and COMMENT…
What does introverted mean to and for you? Are you introverted or have close friends and or loved ones who are? How does it show up in your relationships?

In Healing, 


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