I’m an INTROVERT, but I think everyone else is the weird one, LOL

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I’m an INTROVERT, but I think everyone else is the weird one, LOL

I Am HealingOne: Being ME has never felt so good!!!

I continue to realize how truly misunderstood INTROVERTS are..

People constantly say to me.. OMG, you cant possibly be an introvert, girl you’re too social and fun.🙄

Introverts aren’t cave people who cant string a sentence together!

Or they say… You are too good at public speaking, no way you’re an introvert

Or… everytime I see you, you’re smiling and laughing. You’re not an introvert, you have to be an extrovert or an ambivert.

Yeah… NO!

Just because a person has good social and communication skills doesn’t mean they can’t possibly be truly introverted.

For me and many others I know.. we’re successful, outgoing as we need to be and even good at socializing. HOWEVER… it is taxing, many times overwhelming, uncomfortable and draining.WE NEED QUIET TIME & SPACE! It’s like AIR & BREATHING to us.

I am also realizing something more clearly for myself as an introverted person… I’ve been in a weird, healing and expanding space lately. Forced out of my comfort zones emotionally & spiritually. Because my personality construct is introverted, it’s often challenging to simply flow with it and experience it with EASE…

And its actually very hurtful when I see a thousand other healers, coaches and experts screaming that it should be a certain way or this easy blueprint will make it all rainbows and sunshine.

For me, one of the messages I’ve been sharing more is that, HEALING IS EASY. And I honestly believe it and experience it.

And it sounds like a contradiction because of what I said above. Yet it really is true, for me at least.

Healing is the easy part, my spirit is perfect and divine. It knows how to heal itself. Yet, the discomfort comes in because my mind and personality fight the ease. Ikr, crazy, lol🙄😟🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️😭

My introvert self doesn’t like the discomfort of excess communication, extraneous amounts of information, too much time around other people, etc…

So I have to REMIND myself that I dont have to fight it, it’s ok to allow the shift to happen. Relax and welcome it in without reverting to resistance and getting away from people.

COMMENT and share your thoughts with me…
How does being introverted show up for you in your daily life?

In Healing,



2 Responses

  1. I’ve been called an introvert, even though I don’t appear to be shy looking from the outside in. Yet, on the inside, there are usually thoughts like… “Why is she talking to me?” “Why won’t he rap this up and go away?”

    But, I’m not a “mean” person, so to speak. I just prefer to be in my OWN thoughts. This is mostly because another part of my personality makes me a true GIVER. So, when I give my time to others, it can be consuming… and draining. At the end of the day, I just need to be alone, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

    I am, however, making changes in 2019. I’ve vowed to be more open to spending time with loved ones outside my home. I can’t live my best life as a hermit. That’s just impossible.

  2. iamhealingone says:

    Thank you for sharing!
    Most people do confuse shy with being an introvert and they are two different things, which makes it harder for people to understand, why are we so quiet, reserved, etc and we aren’t specifically shy… lol.
    And I so understand,,, I am working on being more social again, I had really pulled back and gotten excessively quiet the last few years so it’s work in progress. I’m finding my new balance. And I still give myself space to honor my needs in whatever works best at the time… time alone, social, business, etc.

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