What’s the best way to get started working with me..?

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What’s the best way to get started working with me..?

I get asked this question all the time. So I thought I’d create this quick post… 🙂

Honestly, my response is different based on the person I am talking to and if I’ve had some type of interaction with them before. If I know you and have had conversation and connection, I might suggest a particular class I offer or a specific session type. If you tell me your available budget, I can tell you what I have available in that price point. If you tell me the specific pain, challenge, or issue you are dealing with, I can direct you to the specific offerings I have that can help address that.

                                 Healing is an INDIVIDUAL journey.

So there’s not a right or wrong place to start. There’s no fixed formula, that if you do it THIS way, you’re guaranteed to get results and immediately get your healing. It’s a personal and intimate experience of you, getting to know YOU.

What does that mean?
Well, for me as a healer and you as the client, it means that if you choose to work with my, my intention and focus is on helping you find the best path for you. Of course I want to make money, I’m in business right? LOL! But I truly believe the best client is the happiest client and that is the client who will return and also tell others about me.

My desire is to help you figure out what it is you need. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking one of my Mini Courses to get you started and ignite your inner spark of healing and thriving. You dive in and get your healing on, feel and see the changes happening and you might not need to speak with me or personally work with me.

Sometimes it becomes apparent pretty quickly to you and to me, that you need and desire more intensive support. Maybe you need a few individual sessions such as Intuitive Guidance, Akashic Records, or Energy Healing. Or you might need and want an ongoing support, like my 6 weeks BADASS Transformation package.

My job is to share the information and support you in owning your power. You make the decision on what is best for you, what you feel you can afford, and how much time and energy you feel you can invest as well. A Healer guides, they do not pull or force… Healing is LOVE.

Most of my work with clients is done online at this time.
But I am working to get some in person workshops and retreats back on the calender. I do work with VIP clients in person for 1 or 2 day intensives, so if that’s something you are interested, talk with me and let’s see if we’re a good fit for that work.

So here’s a quick list of what I offer…
Individual sessions:
*Intuitive Guidance,
*Akashic Records,
*Energy Healing,

Group work…
*Mastermind Classes,
*’Inner Soul Cafe’ online group membership
*Energy healing/EFT Tapping lives

*Inventory of crystals and stones,
*CONFESSIONS of a Healer audios,
*Healing energy jewelry,
*Body care sugar scrubs and bath salts
*Custom meditations & visualizations

And it’s all about figuring out, whats the right fit for you and will best serve your needs. Sometimes its an easy ‘”aha” moment and sometimes it’s intensive work over time to get you where you desire to flow in your life. And you are the only person who can decide what is working or not working for you. I wish healing was a straight line, but it’s not. I wont lie or placate you. I respect myself and you too much to do that.

So if you are ready to work with me, I’m here and ready to help support you. If you aren’t sure, I’m not going to convince you. Take your time and really see where you are. It’s not just a money commitment you’ve got to make, you have to commit ALL OF YOU to the journey of healing. I want to help you, but I’ve learned, it’s you that has to want to help you.

I hope I’ll hear from you. Let me know if you have any questions, what you are looking for, and let’s “interview” each other in a quick phone consultation. LOL!!! Yup, I said, interview. Not only are you checking for me, I’m checking for you. I only want to work with you if it feels really good for both of us. 🙂

To book your 15 minute phone consultation… Schedule Here

And if you are already rocking with me and we know we’re a good fit, go ahead and grab your session or healing goodies HERE

If you wanna hear more of my thoughts on a what a healer does…
read this post A Healer guides, they do not pull or force… Healing is LOVE

In Healing,




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